On Halloween weekend (October 30 – November 1) it was time again for our e-commerce hackathon, the ecomhack. At our ecomhack in Berlin 25 hackers developed seven creative projects within two days using IoT devices, their brains and lots of caffein.

It was all about possibilities to offer a better shopping experience. From everyday consumer goods to high class luxury products everything can be sold online and everywhere is potential to make shopping more interesting, fascinating or convenient.

The event

The ecomhack started on Friday afternoon and the first evening was all about collecting thoughts and building up the teams.
The breakout sessions explained attending partner technologies to the participants. Christoph and Jens introduced the commercetools platform and explained how to best start building an app, using one of the many API endpoints the platform provides. After that, contentful and relayr told the crowd more about their technologies.
The hackers dived for the devices available to play with. The most demanded devices were the relayr WunderBars and the estimote beacons. But also beacon insight, bttn and others were part of the portfolio.

The venue

With its different areas for lounging, working and meeting the betahaus in Berlin-Kreuzberg was perfectly catering to the needs of the hackers and strategically placed fridges with drinks and a constant supply of food and sweets made sure that everybody felt comfortable.

The demos & the prizes

Seven teams created seven hacks after 36 hours of hacking. The teams submitted their projects on Sunday and presented their apps to our expert jury: Ronny Rentner from Rocket Internet, Jackson Bond from relayr, Miriam Wohlfarth from RatePay, and Roman Zenner from ShopTechBlog. In total, seven teams presented their projects, the hackers created solutions for keeping track of your storage, finding bargains with augmented reality on your mobile or simply making shopping addicts with a bargain countdown. 🙂
After the demos, the jury chose the winners based on creativity, added value for customers and the technical implementation:

  • Team NeedSomeMore won both the Best IOT Hack & the 1st Prize. Using the relayr WunderBar, the app enables users to track the filling level of products like rice or flour.

  • The one-girl-team Shopiway won the 2nd Prize, using augmented reality for a better in-store shopping navigation.
  • Team The Flash won the 3rd prize and also the one of the two Beacon Hack prizes.
  • The team used the commercetools platform, the bt.tn and the estimote beacons for generating personalized, time limited discounts when getting in a specific area of a shop.
  • The other Best Beacon Hack went to watchr with their app for targeted location-based customer-tracking in supermarkets. All the other projects can be found on our DevPost submissions page.

Outlook and staying in touch

After the ecomhack is before the ecomhack – this is what the success of this event and your nice feedback tells us. So, rest assured, there will be a sequel 🙂
In the meantime, there are a few ways of staying in touch: