A commerce conference held in a cinema? Watching a presentation on APIs on a screen that would usually show Batman vs. Superman? Yesterday, the well-known code.talks conference launched their inaugural “commerce special” in a Berlin cinema – and more than 400 attendees enjoyed listening to the latest developments in commerce tech and discussions about the future.

What was most impressive, though, was the line-up of speakers the organizers could present: Almost all major commerce platform had sent their CEOs or CTOs, to talk about current trends and what drives the commerce market. This gave the audience the chance to ask an international “Who is who” of ecommerce – from hybris to NewStore, from commercetools to Spryker, from OXID and Shopware to Magento – their most pressing questions.
Interestingly, a few major German retailers were quite open regarding how they prepare their infrastructure for tomorrow’s requirements: the OTTO Group, Galeria Kaufhof and the Metro Group talked about how they use vertical teams, agile methodology and Microservices to become more flexible and meet customer demands (this reminded me of what Dr. Robert Zores from REWE digital talked about in his recent video interview).
Almost needless to say is that the event was put together very well: relevant audience, good catering – and a working + decently fast WIFI! I’m off to catch the first talk of Day 2 now, stay tuned for more!