Now the second day of the code.talks commerce special is over, and like the first it was full of engaging talks and topics. Personally, I enjoyed being on stage as a panel host together with Boris Lokschin (Spryker), Marc Korthaus (SysEleven), Stefan Schmidt (SAP Hybris), Ulrike Müller (NewStore) and our CEO Dirk Hörig to discuss different delivery models – Cloud-based vs. On-premise – of commerce platforms. Newly evolving business models require a flexible backend technology, and at the same time hosting successively becomes a commodity for ambitious merchants, so the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach seems to be the most promising one.

As on the first day of the conference,  Microservices were the overarching topic. This time, not only two online pureplayers – Zalando and – presented their reasonings behind moving away from a monolithic infrastructure – but also the commerce technology provider NewStore highlighted the benefits. Not surprisingly, they were quite similar to the ones Metro, Galeria Kaufhof and Otto had put forward the day before: scale the technology department by parallelizing teams and get features out to customers more quickly. It will be interesting to see whether other businesses decide to make this transition as well and how they experience it.
As I said before, the event was well-organized and we are looking forward to its sequel – see you in 2017!
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