The commercetools team hit the road this week and travelled to Magnolia Conference in Basel. Our partner had brought in an extensive lineup of speakers to talk about their vision for the secret sauce for tomorrow’s digital experience.

Picking up on the idea of out-innovating the competition from the Magnolia opening keynotes, Nikolaus Kühn from the commercetools team showed how to create new differentiators in digital commerce by pairing the power of storytelling and e-commerce. Using real life examples, this talk was all about bringing together the different DNA’s of e-commerce and content management systems to create a seamless, encompassing digital (commerce) world to ultimately increase both sales and customer loyalty. And with our brand new connector module for Magnolia, building the right architecture to convert customers through engaging storytelling is easier than ever.

[wpvideo gXKqiBRh] Speaking about architecture, there was also a big focus on putting speed and agility at the heart of strategic digital experience platform choices – a position we do agree with wholeheartedly: “Time to market speed must outperform the speed of obsolescence”. That’s why our API-first and highly flexible platform is albout flexible and fast development, making it easier for you to adapt to new, emerging touchpoints and carefully selecting the commerce building blocks you really need.

Missed us at the event? Learn more about trend topics such as content commerce or contact us  to learn how to future-proof your e-commerce strategy by harnessing the agility of the commercetools platform for increased flexibility in e-commerce developments.