In this Adobe article posted during NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York, Adobe debuted new retail capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and announced their partnership with commercetools. And at Adobe Summit we are announcing and demonstrating commercetools for Adobe Marketing Cloud, the first microservices based platform to enable fluid experiences in AEM.

It’s true that Adobe partners with many ecommerce platform vendors. But CMOs and Digital Commerce teams need to take a closer look at what makes the partnership with commercetools so good for their commerce initiatives.
First and foremost, we make it easy to use Adobe as the commerce development platform across every channel – both physical and digital. A retailer’s commerce team or digital agency can fully leverage their Adobe investment to create amazing experiences; free from the constraints of rigid commerce platforms that are time-consuming and difficult for their IT team to modify. You can quickly roll-out commerce capability on mobile devices, in-store kiosks, or IoT devices on the horizon.
We also enable fast and frequent roll-outs of innovative campaigns and functionality. With commercetools, the marketing team plans and executes the campaign in Adobe Marketing Cloud and injects commerce wherever it makes the most sense in the user experience. You can easily enable and test customized shopping experiences across a variety of channels and platforms.
How do we do this? Primarily, it’s about the architecture of our platform – essentially a library of highly specialized functions (e.g. pricing, inventory, etc) – that can be implemented all at once as a full replacement to your existing commerce platform, or deployed individually over time to extend your platform’s capabilities. Together with our set of easy-to-use tools to help manage the commerce experience, the commercetools solution is the most modern and agile approach to commerce.
Here are the top five reasons digital commerce executives and CMO’s should talk to us:

  1. Cloud Native: We are the world’s first and only cloud native platform. That means our entire platform was built from the ground up to be deployed on the cloud and run from the cloud. There are no “versions” and all of our production systems are online and fully available to every one of our customers. We deploy 4-5 platform updates every day, just like Amazon and Facebook and we make that power available to all of our clients. You’ll benefit from always having the latest features with no extra fees or licensing costs for updates. There is no system down-time, no ‘maintenance window’.
  2. Adobe Exclusive: We enable Adobe to be your primary location for commerce development. Your digital commerce team works exclusively with Adobe and develops deep expertise in that platform. Time to market improves with creative ideas and functionality while developer costs go down.
  3. Cost: commercetools charges no license fees and our clients simply pay for what they use each month. This frees digital commerce teams to build innovative commerce solutions on web, mobile, social or IoT without worrying about additional costs. Budget that was previously allocated for license fees, can be directed toward creating compelling commerce experiences that drive revenue.
  4. Speed: Your current Adobe team can deliver new commerce functionality in days or weeks instead of months. Our easy to use back end tools allow for marketers to manage products, orders, discounts/promotions and user profiles in one simple interface.
  5. No CMS. commercetools is the only enterprise commerce platform that does not have a built in CMS. We only focus on commerce so you can fully leverage your Adobe Marketing Cloud investment and not have to connect a third-party CMS. By working in a single CMS, you reduce the number of resources required and enable greater Adobe specialization.

If you have Adobe and are trying to achieve true omnichannel commerce, it’s time to move away from a commerce platform built in the desktop age and talk to us about the platform we designed for the digital age. Commerce everywhere requires a new approach and with Adobe and commercetools, we make it easy to be a modern commerce innovator.
Learn more on this dedicated page about the commercetools Adobe partnership.