In the last few years, retail has changed fundamentally in three ways:

  1. Retail is more competitive than ever
  2. Commerce is now everywhere
  3. Customer behavior and expectations have evolved

The average consumer is now an omnichannel shopper ─ That’s right, 95% of us use multiple devices and touch points for every purchase we make. Unlike the old days of picking something out and buying it, we now expect brands to provide rich, interactive experiences that makes buying their product fun. Otherwise, we have no qualms with taking our business elsewhere.
With these changes occurring faster and faster, it is imperative that your company is organized and has the right processes in place to function effortlessly across all channels. In order to achieve this, you need to digitize.
The term digitization means taking an existing product and delivering a new process that transforms the whole customer experience into something richer, faster, and more agile. To transform, companies need to address the back-end (technical architecture) and the front-end (customer experience).  The commercetools API-first, cloud-native commerce platform provides a modern microservices oriented architecture for transforming commerce capability on the back-end.
To optimize your customer experience on the front-end, Adobe Marketing Cloud is an excellent platform that allows digital marketers to create rich, fluid experiences across all channels. Today the customer journey is about so much more than just browsing around a nicely designed site. It’s really about feeling a personal connection with a brand. Using Adobe Marketing Cloud, you can personalize every shopper’s experience and engage with them in real time, so each customer takes away a unique interaction with your brand.
Now, for the moment of truth:
Think about the way your company is currently operating. Think about your vendors and your relationships. In the first 3-4 seconds after a customer interacts with your product, are you making a connection? Are you evoking any emotion? If not, it’s time to digitize:

  • Provide utility value by saving time and making shopping easier and more enjoyable.
  • Actively help customers solve problems, such as finding the right product or helping with a decision.
  • Make your product simple and effortless to interact with ─ too much information makes customers 1/10 less likely to make a purchase.

If you missed the webinar, tune in here to learn how commercetools and Adobe Marketing Cloud can help modernize your enterprise.

rachel_profileRachel Dinkin
Rachel Dinkin is the Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator for commercetools. With a strong background in writing and marketing, she is passionate about creating innovative messages and designs that add color to the e-commerce industry.