In the age of the consumer, brands and retailers need to present inspiring digital shopping experiences to their customers. So, it is not about merely showing product details, but about telling stories and support the brand message. Just imagine if there was just a list of shoe names on the website. Unthinkable!

Best-of-Breed solutions

Now you could say, well, there are software solutions out there who can do multiple things: maintain product information and take care of commerce processes, such as checkout, basket, discounts. And also have a nice website builder, where you can add images, video and text and build the greatest shop frontends. Indeed, there are fully integrated software suites out there which can do a little bit of both. However, they are not easy to maintain and it takes effort to customize them.
Another approach is far more promising. Enter Best-of-breed. The main idea here is to take two (or even more) highly specialized software applications and connect then via their APIs – instead of relying on a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none strategy

APIs make the world go round

Generally speaking, APIs work as contracts, making sure that applications can communicate and have data structured in a way that makes sense for all parties involved. So, having flexible APIs in place make it very easy to share information, independent of the context this information is used in later on. Some information about a product price might end up on a website, in a mobile app or even a chatbot – the data is always separated from its presentation.
Let’s come back to our original question: how can brands and retailers build attractive shopping worlds? The answer: How about using the Bloomreach Digital Experience Platform in combination with the commercetools commerce platform? Both solutions feature very flexible APIs, making sure that both can be seamlessly integrated.
Following the true spirit of the best-of-breed approach, the Bloomreach DXP allows editors to build personalized experiences across all devices. Commerce functionality is injected where applicable using the commercetools API.

Detailed Whitepaper

Sounds intriguing? We have just released a joint whitepaper, which talks in detail about the benefits of combining content and commerce and create websites and applications that just don’t feel like everyone else’s. Read more!
Whitepaper API led commerce - bloomreach - commercetools