Geberit is not merely the European market leader for sanitary products and a pioneer in the industry: it is also setting new standards in online sales, based on the commercetools platform.
Quality, reliability and innovation have always been top priorities for Geberit in all areas. The constant optimization of its business process is one of its key strategic pillars. Now the global Geberit Group is also forging new digital paths in terms of its product presentation and has redesigned its new online catalog in collaboration with foryouandyourcustomers. From now on, architects, planners, plumbers, wholesalers and end customers in over 30 countries around the world will be able to find the right sanitary products quickly and intuitively. Accessed via desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, the four generic headings, Bathroom Systems, Installation Systems, Supply Systems and Drainage Systems display more than just the individual products. They also show the corresponding sales items and spare parts. For example, anyone searching for the category “Geberit AquaClean”, will see at a glance not just the shower/WC sets and complete systems that are available but also the corresponding spare parts for current and previous models.
The agile commercetools microservices architecture constitutes the heart of the online product catalog. Thanks to its small-scale elements with their capacity for combination, it was possible to customize the commercetools platform to meet the exact needs of Geberit, thereby also keeping it extremely streamlined. This way, new products, interfaces and applications can be easily integrated in the future. Moreover, the sanitary specialist has bridged the gap between B2B and B2C (B2B2C platform) in a particularly efficient way and is using the commercetools APIs to provide digital channels with product data. “Naturally, high-quality data is nothing new for Geberit, but up to now we have not been able to use this data very efficiently”, explains Stefano Giacomello, IT Manager PDM, Sales & Marketing Applications at Geberit. “That has all changed now with the new multi-channel platform and its consistent API approach. Now we can finally use our product data across all our digital channels.”
The individual sales companies will gradually be moved onto the new platform by the middle of May and integrations in other digital channels will be adapted accordingly. This project is yet another example of the successful cooperation between commercetools and our implementation partner foryouandyourcustomers.
“The system transfer to commercetools turned out to be easier than expected”, says Giacomello. “This is due in large part to the experienced team, and above all to the people at foryouandyourcustomers, to whom I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all this!”

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