commercetools does not only build a smart eCommerce platform but also is a group of visionary minds who enable brands and retailers to create inspiring shopping experiences every single day. We are a global company with more than 150 eCommerce professionals coming from 35 countries worldwide and work for our offices across the globe. As you can imagine, there are a lot of different roles and responsibilities in our teams. Not every job title is self-explanatory – so let’s take a closer look!

Hesham Massoud explains what a Software Engineer does at commercetools.

I work in the Professional Services department in Munich as a software engineer. In our department, we work on developing tools that work hand-in-hand with our API. This helps make commercetools’ ecosystem experience as user-friendly as possible.

As a software engineer, I work on delivering new features for the tools that our customers and partners use on a daily basis. This consists of devising solution concepts together as a team, performing code reviews, benchmarking our solutions, and then releasing the solution so our customers can use it. I find this quite cool because we get exposed to the entire tech stack from conception to deployment.
One of the tools that I spend most of my time on is an open source Java-based library called commercetools-sync-java. This library is used by many of our partners, users, and potential new customers in their applications to import data into the platform from their previously existing e-commerce and/or ERP systems.

Something that makes it very natural to work in our department is that our relationship doesn’t stop at the office.

We enjoy after-work activities such as our weekly run through Olympiapark, swimming, bouldering, or even doing team events like the Spartan Race!

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