To win in today’s competitive commerce climate, your organization needs to be fast, flexible and agile.  And your commerce technology has to help you stay ahead, not hold you back.  But everyone selling commerce software seems to be touting new approaches like APIs, microservices and cloud delivery.  It’s hard to know what’s new and what’s “Fake New” in the commerce software marketplace. 

In this on-demand Webinar featuring commercetools Chief Product Officer Kelly Goetsch and Authentic’s Chief Technology Officer Jerry Hill, learn more about these 5 ways to tell if the commerce software you’re evaluating is new or just “fake new”:

  1. The difference between cloud native vs. moved/adapted for the cloud
  2. Why an API-first design philosophy beats APIs extensions when it comes to upgrades and maintenance
  3. The central characteristics of ‘real’ microservices and how they give you unprecedented flexibility and speed
  4. Why many enterprises are adopting a best of breed approach whereby they build or buy small pieces of technology fronted by APIs
  5. How a major fashion brand is using this approach to build digital touchpoints that engage and convert

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