Watch this video to learn how microservices and API-based commerce is making fashion retailer EXPRESS more agile with customer data-driven.

Meet Brendan Gualdoni, head of eCommerce and digital engineering at EXPRESS – a retailer that’s turning to technology to become more agile in the hyper-competitive world of fashion.  Brendan recently spoke at a conference on how supply, demand and the ‘invisible hand’ came together to help him begin the transformation of their enterprise commerce architecture to microservices and API-based cloud commerce with commercetools.  

In this video – A Real-Life Story from the API Economy – Brendan outlines:

  • The architecture that gives them flexibility, speed and agility
  • Why microservices helps companies provide a better customer experience
  • How innovation needs the help of an invisible hand within the organization

commercetools and EXPRESS video: Decapsulation of Commerce

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