Let’s join Nuts.com on their remarkable eCommerce journey from monolith to microservices.

What started as a mom-and-pop store in New Jersey in 1929, Nuts.com has since grown into the leading online purveyor of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate – with warehouses in the U.S. and Canada and customers who purchase from all over the world. In this Customer Spotlight video, you’ll hear from the technology leaders at Nuts.com about why they decided to migrate off their 20-year-old monolithic platform and what led them to choosing commercetools’ technology to provide them with the eCommerce capability required to support their growing digital business.

The whole concept of commercetools started with API, headless architecture. This API, headless architecture solves our first immediate problem. That is, migrating this 20-year-old monolithic application. – Atish Narlawar, Director of Technology at Nuts.com

In the Customer Spotlight Nuts.com outlines:

  • The challenges they faced due to their former monolithic platform;
  • The reasons behind their choice for commercetools’ technology;
  • How introducing commercetools’ APIs and microservices have improved workflow, production, and customer experience;
  • The future advantages this software offers their eCommerce capabilities;

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