Our Engineers, Designers, Product Owners & Agile Coaches are working hand in hand to build the world’s most flexible commerce platform.

Customer Services

Support, training & documentation – this team enables clients & partners to work smoothly with our platform and to solve any problems as quick as possible.


Our marketing team is the voice to the world, spreads news, promotes new features and organizes cool events for our customers & partners.


Our international sales team is jetting around the world, fully committed to our goal to become the leader in the global e-commerce solution market.

People & Organization

This team forms commercetools’ backbone: They attract new talents, work on HR strategy, take care of our employees & their development to make them happy & stay.


Our finance team always keeps track of all numbers and delivers reports and analysis to support the management team in taking strategic decisions.

US Team

Our US team is very market entry focussed, therefore the biggest departments are Sales & Marketing. But they also have a bunch of great brains working in Engineering, helping our US customers with the technical implementation of our platform, with doing support and ensuring a smooth performance.