Our Team USA!

Tech Team commercetools

The Tech Team

Our Technology team focuses on leveraging our APIs to inspire innovation in commerce by building creative software applications. They also support the growing client list to achieve their software objectives. How do they do it? Hint: caffeine!

The Client Success Team

The main focus of the Client Success team is ensuring everyone using commercetools exceeds their desired outcome through technical enablement, support, and training. They make it a priority to get all of our clients and partners hooked on commercetools!

The Marketing Team

Brand builders. Storytellers. Thought leaders. The mission of the U.S. Marketing team is to change mindsets about the power of the commercetools platform using the latest in marketing techniques, tools, and strategies.

The Sales Team

The goal of the Sales team is to continuously support our future clients throughout every segment of the sales cycle. They show the clients how commercetools will take their companies to the next level.

The Ops Team

The aim of the Operations team is to keep everything running smoothly.. Focusing on supporting company growth is what keeps them going (and busy) every day!