Our Tech Team!

commercetools Tech Team Munich
commercetools Tech Team Berlin

The Pacman Team

Pacman is one of our platform teams. Six Front & Backend Engineers and a Product Owner working on features such as products, catalogs & search. They are supported by our Agile Coach, the Ops Team and our Munich based UX/UI Designer Maria. Seven core team members. Six nationalities. What do they have in common? A passion for e-commerce, high-quality standards and due to the French influence they get their daily dose of caffeine only with hand ground coffee prepared in a French press. Très bien!

The Shield Team

Unlike the other “domain-centric” platform teams, the Shield team focuses on infrastructure and tooling for the Merchant Center application. The vision is to empower teams to independently contribute to the Merchant Center and focus on delivering customer value. They mainly work in two different areas: infrastructure (dev tooling, scaling, CI/CD) and design system (UI component library). The current challenge is to enable external developers to build their own custom parts of the Merchant Center.

The Priceless Team

Our Priceless team is one of the core platform teams. They cover all eCommerce features and components related to prices, discounts and product discovery topics such as search. The team consists of three Backend and two Frontend Engineers, one Product Owner and they are supported by our Agile Coach, the Ops Team, our Munich-based UX/UI Designer Filip and QA Tester Natasa.

The Checkout Team

Checkout is one of our platform teams working mainly on checkout topics of our platform. This means…
The team consists of three Backend and two Frontend Engineers (plus some external devs) and Ida, the Product Owner. They are supported by our Agile Coach, the Ops Team, and our Munich based UX/UI Designers.

The Ops Team

“Enjoy your time off” is the main principle the operations team follows in the daily business on running the commercetools platform. They try to automate what is possible within the cloud so that the systems are working without their interaction. Therefore, a good relationship and high trust level among all devs are the most important criteria. They work closely together, even if the comparably small team of only seven people is spread over three offices – Berlin, Durham, and Munich.

The Clients Team

Our Clients team is super diverse: The Engineers are coming from all over the world (Spain, Syria, Germany, Morocco, Greece, Sweden). There are juniors as well as old stagers, and with 25% of female devs, we have one of the highest women’s quotas among our tech teams. They all work on the different SDKs for our platform (JVM, PHP, Node.js, iOS, Android, .NET), demo shops such as SUNRISE and many other open-source tools, which are used by developers to build their eCommerce applications.

The REWE Team

The REWE Team is in charge of implementing different eCommerce solutions and marketplaces with the help of our commercetools’ platform technology. As the name already reveals: The two sub teams are working on projects of our mother company REWE Digital (which in turn belongs to the huge REWE Group). The team is based in Berlin, but works very closely with REWE’s Cologne-based headquarters. Each team consists of 5-6 Backend Engineers (main programming languages Java and/or Scala), a Product Owner and an Agile Coach. What makes them special? The super agile approach: All team members work in a self-organized environment, and are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership.

The Professional Service Team

eCommerce is complex but it does not have to be rocket science! The Munich based Professional Service Team helps customers and partners to implement our commercetools API in different business scenarios in the most efficient, profitable but also user-friendly way. That includes solution prototyping, delivering of flexible and performant open source integrations around the API and technical consultancy. Professional Service is an international team of 9 people that consists of Software Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Consultants and Solution Architects. When they are not coding they do tough outdoor trainings, marathons, hackathons, bouldering, playing billiard or table tennis. They also make sure never to miss Oktoberfest 🍺. Technologies they love: Java 8>, Spring, Node.js, Kubernetes, cloud services, Github and Travis CI.

The Scalability Team

Our Scalability team belongs to the core platform teams. They are responsible for resource sharing, performance and storage topics. The team is “frontend-less” and consists of three Backend Engineers who work closely together with our Ops Team to ensure our platform runs smoothly and has no performance issues.

The Machine Learning Team

The Machine Learning team uses math, statistics, and programming to build innovative new features that can autonomously learn from large datasets. For example, they built a recommendation system that sorts products into categories just by looking at their images, and a data cleaning system that automatically detects and cleans up mistakes in the data.
The team consists of three Data Scientists (⅓ = female power!), two Python Engineers and two Working Students. This team spans 3 continents and 7 countries – Egypt, Syria, Greece, Germany, India, USA and UK. No Data Science needed to calculate the ratio. 😉