2022 Commerce Innovation Report:

How Naysaying Commerce Platforms Take Over

Legacy tech preventing innovative commerce? We dug into the impact of tyrannical tech stacks.

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Naysayer / (noun)

The legacy commerce platform holding your company back from innovation and excellence.

Telltale signs:

Slow rollouts, rare updates, big ideas hitting a brick wall.

Yeasayer / (noun)

The modern commerce solutions pushing your organization forward, often powered within a headless commerce environment. Also includes the people who champion modern eCommerce offerings and improvements.

Telltale signs:

Frequent releases, quick updates, new ideas are no problem.

Legacy commerce platforms take control, and it costs you

Legacy tech blocks eCommerce innovation, driving away customers and commerce decision-makers alike.

Keeping Up

Half of respondents (50%) report that their own reservations about their organization’s technologies have limited their company’s ability to innovate as quickly as needed.

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‘Innovation schminnovation. Crack open a cold one and relax.’ 🙄
Slow Rollouts

More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) say it takes their companies 3 months or longer to take new commerce solutions to market.

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‘What’s the rush? 🙄 Customers can wait.’
Fed-Up Teams

Nearly a quarter of respondents (23%) have considered leaving their current job due to their company not innovating fast enough.

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‘Annoying overachievers moving on … I don’t see the problem.’ 🙄
Commerce Envy

Over a third of respondents (36%) say they feel jealous of competitors’ commerce offerings. Of these, 61% cite competitors’ ability to quickly introduce new offerings.

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‘Stop comparing. At least you’re in business! Celebrate that.’ 🙄

The outsized impact of an outdated commerce platform

When slow-moving tech keeps you from innovative commerce, your business suffers. Respondents fear stagnant eCommerce offerings impact customer experience, sales and loyalty, making it harder to connect with younger, tech-savvy shoppers.

Top 3 areas of business impacted if organizations fail to adopt emerging commerce trends
Customer loyalty
Customer experience
‘CX is BS. If people can buy things, your customer experience is fine.’ 💁‍♂️

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Report Methodology:

Discover the report audience

The 2022 Commerce Innovation report surveyed 300 non-technical business decision-makers globally in March 2022. All respondents work at the director level and above and are a part of the formal decision-making process around eCommerce solutions at their organization.

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