commercetools and its customers in the press

Salmon announces commercetools tie up

RTIH, April 23, 2018

E-commerce consultancy Salmon is teaming with cloud-based platform provider commercetools. The agreement makes it commercetools’ first full-service digital partner in the UK.


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Everywhere Commerce: What We Can Expect Beyond the Webshop

Svensk Digital Handel, April 4, 2018

Shopping and using digital services everywhere and at any time – from any device, no matter whether a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, a television set, a wearable, a voice assistant, a chatbot or a car. That exactly is the challenge of the post-Web era.


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Commercetools Announces Social Media Commerce Connector

destination CRM, June 06, 2017

Social Media Commerce Connector lets companies start their marketing/sales processes on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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commercetools' Kelly Goetsch Discusses Digital Gatekeepers

CMS-Connected, March 16, 2017

CMS-Connected reached out to Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer at commercetools, who recently hosted a webinar featuring Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester on the emerging new touchpoints between retailers and consumers.


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How Carhartt WIP Gets Content and Commerce Right

Apparel, March 08, 2017

In summer 2014, Carhartt WIP decided to consolidate its online presence and tap into new sales channels. The aim was to eliminate the separation of the brand website on the one hand and the web shop on the other to offer customers a uniform presence as part of a content-commerce strategy.


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New Adobe software features help retailers deliver a more personalized experience

IT Business, January 19, 2017

Today’s customers are more connected – and have higher expectations – than ever before, and Adobe Systems Inc. wants to help retailers meet their demands. Adobe unveiled a series of product partnerships and features for its various software platforms aimed at helping retailers deliver a more personalized, omnichannel experience.


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Getting Techie: Top Platforms, Products at NRF 2017

Women’s Wear Daily, January 19, 2017

Retail’s Big Show debuted a smattering of services from approachable robots to trackable products in order to enhance the experience of the all-powerful consumer.


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Adobe Marketing Cloud adds features, partnerships to bring brick-and-mortar deeper into digital

MarTechToday, January 18, 2017

At the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York City, Adobe announced several new initiatives to improve the digitization of brick-and-mortar retailing. In addition to those feature additions, Adobe wass also unveiling several interesting partnerships.


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Study Says Content Commerce Strategies Drive Increase in Sales Results

EContent, October 27, 2016

A recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of commercetools confirmed traceable business benefits of content commerce strategies. More than half (51%) of companies who have combined their content and commerce strategies say increased sales are a main driver.


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Personalization vs relevance vs customization – confusion or opportunity?

diginomica, October 24, 2016

Personalization is a confusing swamp of over-used buzzwords. At recent events, I cornered personalization experts in search of sane answers and realistic use cases. Here’s what I’ve learned so far – and why “relevance” is the one buzzword worth fighting for.


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Powering Commerce Platforms of the Future

Retail CIO Outlook, April 2016

Technological disruptions have changed the way the businesses interact with consumers, and the commerce ecosystem is no exception. The technology is helping retailers to establish better relationship with existing customers and attract new ones, by identifying individual customer preferences, behaviors and offering them personalized shopping experiences.


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20 Most Promising Retail Technology Solution Providers 2016

CIO Review, July 8, 2016

From intelligent displays in brick and mortar stores to apps that allow seamless shopping, the retail technology trajectory is bent on converging customer touch points to elevate consumer experience. The future technology upheaval in retail is dependent on the effective utilization of the current innovations and sciences enveloping the dynamic retail space.


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API First And Headless Commerce = A Huge Business Advantage

Innovative Retail, March 30, 2016

When we discuss things like API first platforms or headless commerce, we often find the marketing side of the house running for the exits. The discussion seems way too technical and the advantages don’t seem to easily translate into advantages for their day to day jobs.


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Commerce As A Service: Focus On The Customer Experience, Not The Commerce Technology

Innovative Retail, March 4, 2016

According to Forrester, customers that have a great content and commerce experience spend on average 40% more on a retailer’s site then people coming just to shop. Yet, most retailers are not taking advantage of this opportunity.


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Expert Column: Dispelling 5 Myths About Ecommerce for Supermarkets

Progressive Grocer, July 7, 2015

When retailers consider starting a significant new commerce project, they usually are immediately confronted with the choice of a complex and expensive deployment processes or doing nothing. The commonality is that traditional ecommerce platforms are challenging to implement and often require specialized training. Every business has unique needs and the frameworks and requirements of commerce legacy platforms often lead to bloated budgets and complex project deployments.


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5 Common eCommerce Myths & Why You Need to Dispel Them

Retail Minded, June 28, 2015

When businesses consider starting a significant new commerce project, they are immediately confronted with the choice of a complex and expensive deployment processes or doing nothing.  Every business has unique business needs and the frameworks and requirements of commerce legacy platforms often lead to bloated budgets and complex project deployments. It is time to dispel the most common ecommerce platform myths: 


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B2B vendors add content management to their e-commerce software

internet retailer, June 8, 2015

The vendors say they’re responding to strong demand among B2B buyers for content-rich and user-friendly e-commerce sites.


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