LEGO Possibility Story How LEGO put the building blocks in place to ensure website stability even during major traffic surges.

Customer Possibility Story of how LEGO replatformed their digital ecosystem to customize digital experiences and handle traffic peaks
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Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark, LEGO is best known for manufacturing and selling their LEGO-brand toys which consist of brightly coloured interlocking plastic bricks. The LEGO Group runs several amusement parks around the world known as LEGOLAND and operates numerous retail stores.
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With LEGO’s existing platform, reliability, and scalability were always issues, particularly during Black Friday. LEGO needed a commerce platform that could handle traffic peaks without ever glitching or crashing.

When we introduced the Collector's edition Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set in September 2017, our site went down during the UK launch and the US launch. In the end, we managed 7 orders per second. With our MACH platform in place, we introduced 100 new products on January 1, 2020. Traffic was crazy. We logged 35 orders per second, 2,000 orders per minute.
Simon Young

Senior Engineering Director of Unified Commerce, LEGO Group

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To meet their ambitions, LEGO needed to rework their whole architecture, not just their commerce platform. They wanted more control over their tech, but didn't necessarily wish to build everything themselves - they just wanted to own the domain.

Why it was a success

LEGO completely replatformed their digital ecosystem, which included not only commerce, but their games, experiences, and technology. With their more agile team mindset, now LEGO is able to trial and test new channels and touchpoints, as well as customize digital experiences. Their web shop is also able to handle 50 times more traffic peaks on Black Friday, a feat which would have been impossible on their old system.

LEGO's replatformed digital ecosystem allows the implementation of new channels and touchpoints, as well as customized digital experiences

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Commerce in the Cloud

Hosting environments in the cloud supports auto-scaling depending on end-user demand.


Managed a 7x increase in the amount of orders per second, which the previous platform couldn't handle.


Low-cost research and development into effective commerce possibilities.

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