About Moonpig:

Moonpig is a business based in London and Guernsey which sells personalised greeting cards, flowers and gifts. The company has huge selection of online greeting cards, personalized cards, and photo upload cards you need to make your friends, family and loved ones feel amazing. Whether it’s a Birthday Card or a Thank You Card, with 1000’s of designs to choose from you’ll find the right one to match.



18 years of personalization at scale – The good thing: right from the start Moonpig is a rapidly growing business, with up to 300 orders a minute during peak periods like Mother’s Day. The pain point: 18 years of adding features left a lot of technical debt with a monolithic database. Apropos personalized, there is the UK, the US and Australia to handle.


Following a long term tech strategy Moonpig puts almost all their effort behind replatforming basically the whole company by moving to a microservice based architecture. Besides the commercetools’ eCommerceplatform, Contentful is used as CMS – both API first, and headless. Moving to PaaS wherever possible, they set up single projects for all countries.

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