Founded more than eighty years ago with a single FM radio station, this telecommunications and media company is now the largest provider of wireless services in their region, as well as a leading cable company and a major player in broadcasting, publishing and sports entertainment.


This large telecommunications provider, serving approximately 10 million subscribers, had implemented ATG (Oracle) to support their online sales efforts. Over time, the platform became difficult to customize for new offers and increasingly unreliable with complete platform crashes during peak buying periods including Back-to-School and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


In 2018, this telco company decided to migrate from a monolith to a microservices based architecture and selected the commercetools API-based enterprise commerce platform. Together, the integration vendor, commercetools and the customer created a migration plan that would allow them to migrate the most critical features first, add customizations via microservices, and log quick wins with the business.

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