At commercetools, we realize that ‘Best of Breed’ is a team sport— meaning when you set out to build a great digital experience, modern commerce is just one piece of the puzzle. Building the bigger picture involves bringing in external systems, like front ends (via CMS) and payment processors, and potentially adding niche functions on your own.

That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to expand the possibilities of commerce with your own feature capabilities and extensions using the Integration Marketplace.


Extending functionality and bridging commerce with other systems with a legacy suite is a lot of work with plenty of duct-taping and bug fixing involved.

Put that in the past, as modern commerce is here to the rescue. commercetools makes development and deployment of commerce across touchpoints effortless.

Our headless, API-first and cloud-native nature is conducive for adding functionality and connecting our platform. So bringing in tools and solutions within your business environment isn’t just easier, they also look, feel and function like one cohesive family.

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DISCOVER modern commerce components

Building a Best of Breed architecture is not a one-size-fits-all approach: it’s about getting the right features that fulfill the needs of your business environment and projects.

The marketplace contains a growing variety of solutions that provide options for those different needs. Like us, these solutions are class-leading, scalable and easy to work with—so you’ll keep your ecosystem modern while you’re enhancing your commerce experience.

CHOOSE the best solutions for your use case

The commercetools Integration Marketplace helps you in creating a commerce architecture that fits your enterprise like a glove. The Integration Marketplace helps you expand commerce functionality and connect other solutions in a quick and easy way.

We have a growing network of partners of different sizes that cover a lot of ground. There’s something for everyone, you just have to pick one that’s right for your business.

commercetools Mircoservices Detailed

SUPPORTED by quality control and standardization

You can rest assured that the commercetools Integration Marketplace only contains solutions that play well with the commercetools platform. All of the extensions and integrations are designed with standardized best practices in mind and quality control is met.

See for yourself

See for yourself

We’ve got a dozen integrations and extensions ready to go, with ongoing efforts to add even more. Visit the marketplace and start bridging solutions with your commerce today!

Explore our partners

Explore our partners

Our vast partner network offers many solutions and opportunities to make your modern commerce experience complete. Find out who they are—you may already know some, and will discover new ones!

Join the ecosystem

Join the ecosystem

The marketplace is there for you and is driven by you. You are more than welcome to join with the development of integrations and extensions. Get in touch with us today.