Industry-wide Microservices expert and book author becomes commercetools’ Chief Product Officer

commercetools, the leading cloud-based commerce platform, announces that Kelly Goetsch joins the company as Chief Product Officer effective today. commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise e-commerce platform market with an API-first solution that reduces complexity and increases both flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers. In his newly-created role, Kelly will oversee product management, product development, and product delivery. He comes to commercetools from Oracle, where he led their microservices initiatives. Earlier, he was a senior architect at ATG (acquired by Oracle), where he was instrumental to 31 large-scale ATG implementations. In his last years at ATG, he oversaw all of Walmart’s implementations of ATG around the world. Kelly is also the author of the best selling book on the intersection of commerce and cloud, E-Commerce in the Cloud: Bringing Elasticity to E-Commerce (O’Reilly, 2014).

He has published and spoken extensively on microservices, distributed computing, DevOps, multi-master, and large-scale commerce platforms. Previous to his microservices responsibilities at Oracle, Kelly held senior-level business and go-to-market responsibilities for key Oracle cloud products including Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Cloud Machine, Java Cloud Service, Application Container Cloud Service and Java EE, representing nine+ figures of revenue for Oracle.

“Kelly couldn’t be a more perfect fit for commercetools. He brings a unique combination of microservices, cloud and commerce expertise, along with a relentless passion for innovation. Kelly has a wealth of experience in enterprise commerce that will further strengthen commercetools’ foothold in the enterprise commerce market and solve the needs of the world’s leading retailers”, says Dirk Hörig, CEO of commercetools.

Kelly adds: “The days of large, monolithic, packaged commerce platforms are over. Those engaged in commerce are increasingly building omnichannel platforms from scratch rather than consuming packaged solutions. Microservices, small specialized programs that are developed independently and communicate over APIs, can significantly increase commerce system development speed while reducing the risk of errors. This approach is widely recognized as an ideal architecture for building large-scale commerce platforms. commercetools is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the move to custom-developed, microservices-based commerce platforms, as their technology enables organizations to focus on their individual competitive differentiators. I look forward to working with Dirk and the rest of the commercetools team to make commercetools the world’s leading vendor of commerce services.”

More information on how the commercetools platform works with microservices can be found here: