commercetools, one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based e-commerce technology, and minubo, the Commerce Analytics Cloud, announced a strategic partnership to support retailers and manufacturers harnessing the growth potential of omnichannel commerce. Through seamless technical integration between commercetools’ highly flexible commerce platform architecture with minubo’s powerful commerce analytics capabilities, merchants now have a powerful way to dynamically build and expand their omnichannel commerce systems and continuously assess the performance of their own strategy.

Omnichannel is the single biggest revenue opportunity in modern retail. However, retailers and brands still struggle with implementing and operating efficient omnichannel commerce systems. To reap the full benefits of omnichannel commerce, they need technologies that can bring different channels together, break down information silos and create a free flow of information between all involved systems to create a truly unified customer experience across channels.

The commercetools platform provides a lightweight way for retailers to cover all bases for crosslinking their channel initiatives. Built around an always up-to-date cloud-based Product Information Management System (PIM) made for digitally-powered commerce, commercetools can serve as the central steering point for all omnichannel activities. It enables publishing catalogue data to all channels from web and mobile to POS just as much as creating visibility of inventory levels at all channels. By using open standard interfaces, the commercetools platform can also easily collect and circulate data within the large number of diverse third party systems that typically comprise today’s omnichannel technology landscapes. This includes specialist best of breed systems, for example for content management or marketplaces.

The minubo Commerce Analytics Cloud leverages these open interfaces to continuously integrate data from all these systems. By combining information across all channels, from webstore to POS, it creates the holistic 360° customer profiles that form the basis of today’s omnichannel intelligence. minubo also provides a solution for the second big challenge of omnichannel commerce: collecting and delivering insights on how omnichannel investments are paying off. Intelligent algorithms automatically screen the gathered data for business risks and opportunities and proactively send selected insights directly to involved teams or trigger immediate action in operative systems. From high conversion touchpoints to digital campaign measurement though predicting necessary stock adjustments across various channels, companies can unlock the full growth potential of omnichannel.

Lennard Stoever, CEO at minubo, comments: “Our customers often tell us how complex the transformation into an omnichannel brand is – strategically, technically, financially, and in terms of manpower. With commercetools as a strong platform partner, we can address this challenge in an optimal way and reduce project costs and implementation time significantly due to both our technological portfolio and bundled expert knowledge. “

Udo Rauch, Chief Sales Officer and Management Board member at commercetools, adds: “Our combined technologies give companies the freedom to expand, test and refine their commerce strategies in fast and cost-efficient manner. Given its complexity, companies transforming their existing commerce model to support omnichannel are especially keen to see a tangible return on their investments. We support tailoring the technological landscape to their individual business goals. minubo complements this with full omnichannel data that can be fed into third party systems to enable true omnichannel marketing plus actionable insights on how their omnichannel strategies are actually performing.”

About minubo

minubo is a Business Intelligence as a Service solution particularly developed to meet online retailers’ specific analytics requirements. As e-commerce companies face rapid growth, the possibility of using terabytes of data and intense spikes in demand, they require a pioneering solution that can meet all of these challenges without imposing costly and complex IT demands. Having built up comprehensive eCommerce experience during their long-term work in the domain, the minubo team developed a solution that works as the central data hub for every online shop and creates transparency in the entire process between acquisition costs and sales margins. Thus, with comprehensive possibilities of analysis and reporting, the solution is the foundation for a data-driven optimization of all business processes: for better decisions on the basis of holistic best practice metrics.

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