There is an increasing demand for a deep understanding of e-business and bespoke solutions. The partnership of Osudio and commercetools, with over 20 years of combined experience, is perfectly suited to help various businesses determine how to deliver on the promise of commerce through every channel desired. This solution is tailored around the omnichannel needs of large retailers as well as brand manufacturers and B2B companies.

The market is looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions to omnichannel challenges. This can be delivered through implementing a flexible network of microservices (small services which are individually developed, deployed and managed). Doing so means you only use what you need, with great quality, easier testing and adapting on the back-end side. The fact that commercetools offers a ‘headless’ e-commerce solution based on microservices fits Osudio’s creative proposition perfectly as Osudio can always offer the relevant front end solution supporting clients’ business goals and budget.

Peter van Reijmersdal, CEO, Osudio, comments: “Osudio always looks for the best solutions to support our customers’ omnichannel strategies. With commercetools, we can offer our customers the best return on investment in the market for their omnichannel investments. The nature of its cloud-based platform eliminate extra costs for version upgrades and migrations. Its highly flexible architecture also enables easy integration of the various systems that typically comprise today’s enterprise commerce landscapes. This combination makes the cost of operations much easier to calculate for our customers.”

“At commercetools, we strive to give our customers a modern commerce platform that has no limits. This is why we put open APIs and microservices at the heart of it, enabling our clients to build a highly adaptable commerce solution that can create a truly unique customer experience across all channels. This fits perfectly with Osudios’ customer-centric approach to e-business”, adds Khai Luong, VP Partner Management at commercetools

Osudio and commercetools share a similar focus, firmly embracing agility and entrepreneurship as core values. Through this partnership, Osudio solidifies its leading position within the Benelux, Germany, Spain and the Nordics.

About Osudio

Osudio prides itself on successfully transforming e-business challenges into successful online environments. With office across Europe, we serve clients from Scandinavia to the Iberian peninsula. We simply understand what works, what doesn’t work and what drives growth. We provide a comprehensive range of services that include: digital strategy & consultancy, user experience design, e-business operations and IT services. For more information, please visit

About commercetools

commercetools GmbH was founded in 2006 by Dirk Hörig and Denis Werner. The company runs offices in Munich, Berlin and New York and currently has 90 employees. commercetools is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based e-commerce technology. On the basis of their highly available platform, complex retail models across all sales channels and for all devices can be implemented. By means of an extensive e-commerce API, existing corporate processes and technologies are connected flexibly. In addition, the platform enables sustainable solutions for B2C and B2B retail. Since 2014 commercetools is a subsidiary of REWE Group. Its customers include Koffer24, Merkur and REWE.