commercetools, the leader in next-generation commerce software, is releasing commercetools for Adobe Marketing Cloud at Adobe Summit this week. The solution is tightly integrated with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe’s comprehensive content management system within Adobe Marketing Cloud. commercetools is optimized to support Experience Manager’s newly announced capabilities to support fluid experiences, enabling brands to quickly and easily inject commerce everywhere; including in-store associate apps, digital signage, mobile and IoT devices, and social commerce to create context-specific transactions. An extensive library of commerce services like product, fulfillment and customer data connects via commercetools’ Smart Commerce APIs to fluid experiences with Experience Manager. The commercetools solution is optimized for faster development through microservices, giving retailers unprecedented speed, agility and flexibility.

Enabling CMOs to Think Beyond their Websites

commercetools for Adobe Marketing Cloud gives digital marketers the flexibility to choose where and when to enable commerce at every touchpoint; upending the conventional thinking that commerce only happens on a brand’s website.

commercetools urges modern retailers to approach commerce holistically. “We want CMOs, digital commerce leaders, and brand strategists to think differently about commerce; to not be constrained by a commerce platform that requires heavy customization each time marketers want to reach a new channel or push content to a new device,” said Arthur Lawida, president of commercetools, Inc. He advises clients to not just design an experience for a single commerce-enabled website and crop it to a new form factor, but to start with the brand experience and envision commerce everywhere. “It is only when retailers modernize their commerce platform that they can be agile enough for the future and think beyond commerce as a desktop website,” added Lawida.

“For years retailers have been striving to create effective, memorable omnichannel experiences for their customers, but they’re wrestling with disjointed tools and inflexible architectures,” said Errol Denger, director of commerce strategy at Adobe. “commercetools’ modern microservices commerce solution empowers Experience Manager customers to quickly apply commerce-enabled content everywhere, creating contextually appropriate experiences reflective of the brand.”

Maximizing the Adobe Experience Manager Investment

The commercetools platform includes a pre-defined library of microservice components that are exposed directly into Experience Manager, a technological approach also known as “headless commerce”. This maximizes the investment in Experience Manager by focusing all asset creation and management on Adobe and developing deep in-house expertise.

On Display at Summit

The commercetools solution will be on display in several locations during the week. In the Immersive Experience Demo for Retail in the Summit Pavilion, Adobe will be highlighting the commercetools’ solution in omnichannel experience ‘fragments’ including social, in-store and online scenarios. At the company’s booth 620G, commercetools for Adobe Marketing Cloud will be live on Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 in the We.Retail environment. Visitors will also be able to see live demos of social commerce for Facebook, Messenger, SmartWatches, in-store associate apps, and other internet-connected devices. Earlier in the week, commercetools solutions were on display at Shoptalk – The NextGen Commerce Event – held at the Aria Hotel and Convention Center.

The commercetools solution supports both the enterprise version of AEM Sites Managed Services and is now available also with AEM Sites Managed Services Basic for mid-market customers. The microservices design of commercetools makes it highly flexible so customers can either migrate all at once, easily extending the capabilities of their existing commerce platform, or instead just add one or two commerce services and build it out over time.

About commercetools

commercetools is a next generation software technology company that offers a true cloud commerce platform, providing the building blocks for the new digital commerce age.  Our leading-edge API approach helps retailers create brand value by empowering commerce teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences everywhere – today and in the future.  Our agile, componentized architecture improves profitability by significantly reducing development time and resources required to migrate to modern commerce technology and meet new customer demands.

The innovative platform design enables commerce possibilities for the future by offering the option to either use the platform’s entire set of features or deploy individual services, á la carte over time.  This state-of-the-art architecture is the perfect starting point for customized microservices, enabling retailers to significantly reduce time-to-market for innovative commerce functionalities.

With offices in Germany and the United States, B2C and B2B companies from across the globe including well-known brands in fashion, E-Food, and DIY retail trust commercetools to power their digital commerce business.

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