Munich (Germany), June 6, 2016 – Consumers increasingly have begun to follow brands on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, particularly among Millennial audiences, yet, many brands have found it difficult to leverage these channels for commerce opportunities.  One reason is because legacy commerce platforms make social commerce development and integration both time- and cost-prohibitive.

commercetools, the world’s first cloud-native enterprise commerce platform, has created a Social Media Commerce Connector specifically addressing commerce opportunities on social channels and is offering brands the opportunity to investigate its benefits with no up-front development costs.

Because the commercetools platform is cloud-native and microservices-based, the company can get a large brand up and running for sales across multiple social media channels in only a few weeks – with little support from internal IT.

The commercetools’ Social Media Commerce Connector allows brands to leverage a single product catalog and easily designate products, prices and promotions for each social media channel.  Marketers can then manage social channel stores through both the social platform as well as the commercetools back-end, whichever makes most sense for the offer they are creating.

The Social Media Commerce Connector: How it Works

The commercetools team of expert technologists will take the brand’s current catalog, copy the data to its Social Media Commerce Connector and have the brand up and running with social commerce across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in as little as three weeks. commercetools will handle all integration work and hosts the solution without burdening brand’s IT team.

Once operational, brands pay a flat fee of $5,000 per month for unlimited usage across each of the supported social media platforms. Marketers can leverage commercetools’ easy-to-use, cloud-based back-end Merchant Center to designate products, prices and discounts by social channel. Each social channel runs off the same catalog, and marketers can create offers through commercetools’ back-end or on the social media channel with all offers automatically synchronized.

“Cloud-native and microservices platforms are allowing innovative retailers to take advantage of new sales opportunities because they can reduce development time and increase speed-to-market, which is a requirement for the dynamic nature of social media,” said Arthur Lawida, president of commercetools. “For marketing teams who have waited months or even years to leverage social selling and for IT teams who see the advantages of a microservices-based approach, our Social Media Commerce Connector is an ideal solution to test revenue opportunities with minimal time and cost barriers to entry.”

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