Munich (Germany) / Durham (USA), June 1, 2017 – In time for its return to IRCE, commercetools extends the capabilities of its commerce platform to help retailers and brands increase online revenue and conversions by closing a strategic partnership with personalization engine Beveel. The partnership addresses abandoned shopping carts and low AOV (average order value), a consistent hurdle for retailers and brands looking to make their digital shops more profitable as research shows[1]. Both companies are Microservices-based and built from the ground up in the cloud to provide a cost-transparent and agile way for retailers to grow their commerce business. The integration is immediately available out of the box with commercetools’ starter store Sunrise.

Beveel uses data-driven insights to improve the personalized shopping experience, increase average cart values and reduce abandoned shopping carts. It has already delivered more than 3 billion recommendations to date and provides solutions for both users and merchants: The engine determines the user intent to provide a personalized experience enabling better product discovery. It uses convolutional neural networks (CNN) to suggest similar products when the user is looking at an out of stock item. It also enables merchants to tailor the generated recommendations by using machine learning techniques to align with the business goals like revenue, engagement and/or profit.

commercetools Chief Sales Officer Udo Rauch says: “We are happy to add this partnership just in time for IRCE as it addresses a problem that we estimate still affects quite a large percentage of the attending audience. In a margin-sensitive and highly competitive field such as e-commerce, retailers value every chance to save a sale.”

COO at Object Edge Jags Krishnamurthy adds: “Personalization, especially 1-1 personalization is key for a great customer experience. This personalization should not come at a huge cost to digital stores and should be very easy to manage. We built Beveel with the above needs in mind. Our partnership with commercetools strengthens our common goal to simplify delivering a personalized shopping experience. With us, customers are investing their money into running their business rather than into infrastructure.”

commercetools demonstrates its leading cloud-native commerce platform for next generation commerce at booth 2146 at IRCE in Chicago/Illinois from June 6-9, 2017. Attendees can sign up for appointments on-site via

About Object Edge Inc
Object Edge is a commerce solutions provider based in the Silicon Valley. Their investments in Beveel, a personalization engine, enables businesses to provide automated, personalized user experiences to build more profitable digital channels. Beveel, which means “recommend” in Afrikaans, is a customer personalization engine that provides recommendations you can use in websites, emails, and social channels. Beveel is commerce context aware, ML & AI based personalization engine. Beveel personalizes customers commerce experience and deliver the most relevant and personal experience possible.