Comprehensive marketing features

Our marketing features lets you address more customers across all channels and drive revenue. Additional tools for promotions and customer segmentation can be directly integrated through our API services.

Promotions, discounts and vouchers

  • Custom pricing
  • Discount rules
  • Campaign-specific promotions

Personalized pricing

  • Custom price lists for customer groups
  • Personalized pricing for B2C and B2B

Email marketing & campaign management

  • Sync customer data with leading email marketing solutions like MailChimp or Mailjet
  • Integrations with CRM solutions like

Product reviews

  • Text feedback
  • Custom rating scale
  • Rating statistics are automatically searchable

Search Engine Optimization

  • Custom title and header tags
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Speedy loading times
  • Standards compliance

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