Advanced Omnichannel PIM

With Product Information Management as a core component, you manage and publish structured catalog data for all channels and devices. Merchants can not only create their own product types and definitions with unlimited attribute sets, but you can also maintain high-resolution photos and views with the pre-integrated CDN.

Unlimited products, attributes, and media assets

  • Flexible product types and attribute sets
  • Publish catalog information across all channels like Web, Mobile, Print and POS

Flexible data model

  • Customizable product catalog
  • Unlimited individual attributes
  • Data types such as localizable texts, money, lists, and predefined dropdowns

Powerful pricing

  • Product variant prices per currency, country, distribution channel, customer group, and timeframe
  • Custom criteria

Search, navigation and filtering

  • Fast search, filtering capabilities, and after-search navigation already built-in
  • Cutting edge NoSQL technology


  • Keep track of multiple inventories
  • Synchronize them with external systems (marketplaces, dropshipping)

POS support

  • Manage multiple product locations

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