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How to create personalised B2B CX to drive new revenues

B2B eCommerce for Growth

How to drive omnichannel CX with next-generation eCommerce 
Customers now expect the same convenience and amazing experiences with B2B/D2C that they get from B2C. Although B2B products may be more complex than B2C, your customer experience doesn't have to be.

Watch our webinar to learn how modern commerce has helped leading B2B brands, including Danone and JSW.

Key takeaways

  • How to adapt to sudden supply chain changes and local consumer demand

  • Blueprints to creating tailored online consumer experiences across multiple markets in weeks

  • Insights into seamlessly selling thousands of products in countless configurations

  • Managing consumer goods shortages with a digital direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy powered

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Julia Rabkin
Julia Rabkin
Senior B2B Product Expert, commercetools

Julia is a Senior B2B Product Expert at commercetools. With over a decade of experience across product and marketing teams in the tech world, she is an expert at creating innovative, customer-first strategies, and excelling in cross-functional growth & GTM initiatives.

Nick Purdon
Director, Deloitte Digital

Nick has 20 years of experience advising B2B/B2C to innovate & grow through digital transformation, including defining strategies, launching new digital products/services, and delivering complex programmes at scale.

Sam Palfreyman
Sam Palfreyman
Principal Solutions Engineer, commercetools

Sam has over 15 years of experience as a senior architect and trusted advisor to the world's leading B2B and B2C brands in complex digital programmes from adoption to implementation of eCommerce solutions.

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