White Paper Migration from SAP Commerce Cloud to commercetools

by commercetools

commercetools White Paper: Migration from SAP Commerce Cloud to commercetools

About the White Paper

Migration from legacy SAP Commerce Cloud to modern commercetools

Market leaders across many industries have been switching off SAP as they have discontinued SAP Commerce (formerly known as Hybris). Their current SAP Commerce Cloud is still deeply rooted in legacy code and tech, yet requires massive efforts to migrate from the old SAP Commerce platform. Thus, businesses and brands are migrating to proper modern commerce platforms that fit their needs, and commercetools has been their primary choice.

In this extensive guide about transitioning from SAP Commerce Cloud (and SAP Commerce) to commercetools, we show you how you can migrate step-by-step, while reducing overall migration costs, development time and organizational disruption.

Key Takeaways

  • A detailed comparison between SAP Commerce Cloud (and SAP Commerce/Hybris) and commercetools.

  • Key reasons why it’s time to move on from SAP’s legacy eCommerce products.

  • Introduction to the MACH principles of a next-gen commerce platform.

  • Requirements and considerations to plan for a successful migration.

  • A detailed walkthrough of starting your move over to modern commerce.


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