Omnichannel - The Future of Commerce

Local shops, multi- or crosschannel -, the evolution of retail has reached the age of omnichannel commerce. The process of buying has become more flexible and more extensive and customer interaction happens across different retail channels.

Mobile communication and social media are increasingly important. Being reachable anywhere at any time is the new standard in our personal life, but also consumer expectations and behavior develop that way. Omnichannel commerce is the response to both growing customer demand and increased information availability. More and more customers want to shop their favorite brands’ products around the clock. If you need something, you do not want to rush to the store and scan the whole shop for bargains after work. Instead, you prefer to shop comfortably on a Sunday evening from the sofa or even during the lunch break using your smartphone.

Some leading, internationally active retailers have already recognized the potential of an omnichannel strategy and offer creative ideas for linking various channels and media.

Not only are the user interfaces changing, the underlying software has to adapt in order to serve all channels. Since an omnichannel strategy means to be agile and respond to market changes, retailers need a scalable, flexible solution like the cloud-based commercetools platform instead of older, monolithic solutions.