Business Blog One brand to rule them all: How commercetools enabled BBG to unite all their brands under one roof

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
November 2021

From home & living and consumer electronics to sound & light and sports products, Berlin Brands Group (BBG), sells over 3,700 items in very different product categories. And, as a D2C company, it’s imperative that BBG’s unique branding is present in each of their websites while each brand still retains their own distinctive character. To fulfill this critical requirement, they needed a modern, MACH-led commerce partner. They needed commercetools.

commercetools MACH-led solution empowered BBG D2C brands

Founded in 2005, BBG is one of Germany’s top-selling digital companies that also ships their products globally to the rest of Europe, the UK, the US and Asia. From product development, conception and design to product, marketing and customer service, BBG takes care of their portfolio’s entire value chain, and handles brand development and multi-channel distribution from their headquarters in Berlin.

BBG: Another customer win for commercetools

The secret to BBG’s success is their strategy of acquiring and integrating third-party brands into their business, bringing these smaller brands to scale and using tech to improve the efficiency of their operations to meet current consumer trends. It’s all about leveraging the operational synergies among disparate best-of-breed brands, while enabling them to deliver an amazing end user experience. This has resulted in BBG being an assortment of brands, all of which require a unique look and feel for their web shops, all while being consistent under the umbrella of the BBG brand. 

BBG needed a platform which is cloud-native, robust and scalable at its core because they knew that over time they would have to keep adding new webshops and rolling out in different geographies across the EU. They found all these capabilities perfectly met with commercetools.

Thanks to commercetools’ headless, API-first and microservices-based makeup, BBG can easily integrate their business acquisitions, including being able to add new currencies and languages. The single backend supports different, unique storefronts for each brand. And because commercetools was built in the cloud, it is innately scalable to add as many new products as needed and primed to facilitate web shop deployment to other countries and regions, supporting all of BBG’s long-term growth plans.

How BBG is getting started

Berlin Brands Group has multiple brands under one roof and sells a large catalog of products in several European countries. Choosing a best-of-breed composable architecture with a powerful API platform underneath from commercetools was the only answer. Now they can tailor each of their brands' web presences to be distinct and add multiple currencies and languages to their online stores seamlessly.
Hauke Rahm

VP Customer Success, commercetools

Starting with an MVP (minimum viable product) go-live with one of their smaller web shops was a success and fully launched in only one month, which boosted BBG’s confidence. Their newly built internal IT team is in the process of migrating their existing brands to the commercetools platform, and once there, they can easily add customized websites and tailor them as needed to individual markets.

With commercetools powering the backend and Frontastic in the frontend, all of BBG’s commerce goals of lowering their time to market, integrating modular architecture and being endlessly scalable are sure to be met.

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
November 2021

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