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commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
September 2018

As enterprises modify and optimize their architecture for the customer-centric digital commerce boom in retail, many enterprises lack the institutional knowledge necessary to quickly make the transformation.

Here at commercetools, we have built a cloud-first API only commerce architecture that most companies wish to emulate within their own ecosystem. Thus, our customers frequently ask us to help guide them in their transformation.

In order to optimize the transformation, commercetools has released its Blueprint Architecture. It gives companies the ability to launch a ready made, proven architecture that is wholly owned and controlled by the enterprise (no licensing).  This architecture is based on a best of breed customer architectural transformation that is optimized for modern commerce.

How to Build a Microservices Commerce Architecture

The goals of the architecture are threefold:

  1. Reduce Time to Launch – Ultimately, the goal is to shave two months off of a cloud-centric, microservice, API architecture launch.  The first two months of a project are turned into one day.

  2. Industry Best Framework – Utilizing the best languages, libraries and tools in the market, the blueprint operates in any of the major public cloud providers.  All code and tools are open-source and you own the code.

  3. Templates for Development – Key architectural decisions are made.  There are both working code and templates available to customize or build your own applications and microservices.  For the development team, it is a cheat-sheet on how to build the right way.

The blueprint itself is built to work with both commercetools as well as other vendors in the market.  Its intent is to be the digital commerce center of the organization. It becomes the soil on which the entire digital platform will grow.

Within the blueprint is not only a change in architecture, but a change in the way the business operates.  Modeled off of other cloud-first API platforms, the enterprise has four major changes in how it operates.

  • Constant Deployment – no longer do you wait for change on semi-annual deploy schedules.  Automated testing and automated, zero downtime deployments are how new functionality as well as fixes are pushed to production. 

  • Fully Elastic Cloud Environments – when capacity is needed, it is ready.  No planning for peak or best-guessing how many servers are needed at the busiest minute of the busiest day.  The environment responds automatically to the need for more capacity and shrinks when that capacity is no longer needed.  

  • Ecosystem of APIs and Events – The same API-first architecture that drives Amazon, Facebook, Spotify and every other modern customer centric platform is there to drive your business forward.

  • Rapid, Low-cost Development – New applications can be spun up in a matter of days and weeks instead of the heavy deployments of the past.  

Businesses wanting to transform into an omnichannel, consumer centric enterprise need an architecture which can support it. The commercetools Blueprint Architecture allows the enterprise to rapidly transform into the modern digital enterprise that is winning in today’s digital economy.

If you’re interested in jumping right in to see a demo of the Blueprint Architecture contact us today. For more information about the solutions commercetools offers and who we work with, please visit our Resources page.

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
September 2018

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