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commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
June 2021

In the third part of our Partner Possibilities Program series, we asked our premier-level partners what value their specific partnership level brings to their company and what benefits they’ve achieved – and what they still hope to achieve – since becoming commercetools partners.
benefits of the Partner Possibilities Program

What is your partnership level with commercetools and what does that mean for your company?

Christian Grötsch, founder and CEO, dotSource

For us, our premium partner status means working as equals. We support each other in generating leads, and we always have an open ear when it comes to customer wishes and requirements. In addition, our expertise is included in the further development of the commercetools platform, which makes the partnership unique. Joint marketing campaigns, bi-weekly meetings and good personal relationships round off the partnership.

Yogesh Gupta, Lead Consultant, HCL Technologies

The partnership broadens our digital commerce offering, allowing us to better serve our customers. As a premier partner, HCL is the largest and a successful commercetools implementer in North America. In commercetools, HCL is happy to have a partner with a world-class solution that truly provides the building blocks for futuristic digital commerce platforms for organizations of all sizes.

Michiel Tielemans, Commercial Director, Lab Digital

Lab Digital is a premier partner. Partnering with commercetools means we work closely together to find a solution to our client’s challenges. That’s an important aspect of partnership for us: working as one team. Being a premier partner means we build on each other’s knowledge and put our expertise to work to be able to solve the toughest questions our clients have.

Pascal Lagarde, Digital Director Commerce, Valtech

Premier partner – The Valtech partnership model means that we don’t partner with everyone, but rather work very closely together with a select set of vendors. This means that we develop deep knowledge and experience of the solutions we work with, a focus that allows us to build a presence to support our clients around the globe and around the clock. As a result, we typically reach the highest tier of partnership with our select technology partners, as is the case with commercetools.

What benefits have you experienced with being a commercetools partner?

Robert Queck, Head of Competence Center eCommerce, Adesso

First – direct and customer centric support during acquisition, projects and live operations. Second and no less important – the joint and thorough planning of marketing activities and creation of valuable content.

Kristian Hagset, Chief Growth Officer, Avensia

We get more relevant potential customers that we have not been able to reach before. Internally, we have created a boost among our staff as they get to work with new and exciting technology.

Marc Irish, President, Digital Commerce Solutions, DMI

To me, this is a leadership thing. DMI is a leader in delivering on the MACH Alliance approach to commerce solutions. Commercetools is the clear technology leader in this category, too. Combined, the partnership validates our position in the market, which, in turn, helps us win new clients who are ready to modernize their operations. Also, I’d say that our Premier status helps us to form meaningful partnerships with other ISVs in the commercetools eco-system. That’s very important, too.

Michal Bartmanski, Founder, Enginiety

The main benefit is that we are able to present our customers with a technological solution that we really believe in. Further, we are in the process of creating a joint marketing campaign related to a white paper created by ENGINIETY. We hope it will generate leads for both sides. Thanks to the partnership, we can also present ourselves as technologically advanced, working on the forefront of commerce technology. It is also an attractive option for the developers who fancy the work on microservices and APIs.

Matthias Steinforth, founder and CEO, Kernpunkt

The very good and close cooperation with commercetools and the access to potential customers through joint sales and marketing activities are for us the key to the success of a good partnership.

Markus Tillmann, Executive Vice President, Mindcurv

Direct access to people on all levels, first-class information and, of course, great partner events – not to mention joint commercial events/conferences and team events.

Is there anything else you hope a commercetools partnership will bring for you?

Piotr Maksim, Chief Growth Officer, Divante

Knowledge exchange, innovative approach to the projects, educating the market together for shaping the better future.

Marc Irish, President, Digital Commerce Solutions, DMI

We think this partnership leads to expanding customer value and business growth. As modern commerce moves into new categories and finds new applications, we’ll be right there. We’re already partnered with commercetools to extend its reach into B2B. That’s a great example for where the relationship will continue to have mutual value.

Matthias Steinforth, founder and CEO, Kernpunkt

In the short run, we want to develop joint solutions and integrations for everything to do with commercetools. That is why we have set up a partner network around commercetools – for example with Algolia, Contentful and Frontastic – that pursues the same vision.

Pascal Lagarde, Digital Director Commerce, Valtech

The API-first and headless aspect of the commercetools platform is already enabling us to bring innovative solutions and touchpoints to our clients and their customers. We are well-positioned to attract more clients looking to make the transition to a more agile composable architecture approach. The future is bright.

Want to know more about our Program? Visit our commercetools Partner Possibilities page if you’re interested in more in-depth details, plus you can get to know the program and read how our relationship with our partners was forged in our blog series about the Partner Possibilities Program.

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
June 2021

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