Press Release commercetools and robotics developer Franka Emika extend partnership

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
June 2020

Robotic systems manufacturer Franka Emika launched new version of its e-commerce platform Franka World using commercetools.

Munich (Germany), June 16, 2020 – commercetools, a global leader in next-generation commerce software, today announced it has extended its partnership with Franka Emika, the robotics and automation designer. Franka Emika introduced its first e-commerce and robot control management platform, Franka World, using commercetools’ software two years ago, and chose to continue using it to launch the new version of Franka World, which includes new features for managing robots and IoT devices.

commercetools and Franka Emika extend partnership

Now the centre of the robotic manufacturer’s ecosystem, Franka World connects robots, partners and customers, allowing them to purchase products and services as well as manage entire robot fleets online.

Franka Emika chose commercetools because it wanted an API-first and microservices commerce system that aligned well with its existing software architecture so that it could utilise the strong backend to roll out new, cutting edge features. With these features the company aims to attract new users and encourage engagement from existing users, customers and active contributors.

It also needed a way to realise e-commerce capabilities without taking away time from staff to work on developing new features such as connecting its robots to the cloud so they can be managed remotely via the Franka World platform.

By using commercetools platform, Franka Emika saved significant time and money developing e-commerce capabilities, allowing it to rollout new features to all parts of Franka World in a timely manner to grow their business quicker.

commercetools’ product was a good fit for our requirements. We achieved a very fast time to market, which was one of our main goals. We are very thankful to the commercetools team for helping us execute such a big and complicated chunk of work, and are now busy tying other ends of the project together. We are very happy with the results so far.
Sebastian Nagel

Head of Cloud Development and Product Owner, Franka World

We are delighted that Franka Emika has chosen to continue working with us for the next stage of the company’s e-commerce development. That Franka Emika has extended its partnership with us to launch the new version of Franka World shows the benefits of an investment into modern, scalable commerce software, as the cloud-based, API-first, microservices architecture makes it so easy to test, adapt and scale up e-commerce. We look forward to continuing the partnership and supporting Franka Emika’s next phase of growth.
Dirk Hoerig

CEO and Co-Founder, commercetools

About Franka Emika

At Franka Emika (FE) – a deep‐tech company from Munich, Germany – we redefined robotics with the world’s most advanced robotic system Panda Powertool. In pursuit of high‐performance and accessibility, we have combined human‐centered design with trustworthy German engineering, giving rise to a masterpiece of technology. Highest mechatronic integration, exceptional soft‐robot performance, as well as advanced and extendable functionalities have unleashed unprecedented usability, best affordability and unlimited scalability. More information at

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
June 2020

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