Dear Customers and Partners,

We are facing challenging times ahead for our colleagues, our health systems, and our businesses. As leaders, we have all done risk assessments and take countermeasures. I want to share with you our view and the actions we have taken to ensure the continuity of our business operations and would be happy to hear and learn from you as well.

To protect our employees, families, customers and partners we started internal communication early. On March 2nd, we implemented internal web pages to provide up-to-date information on the Covid-19 outbreak from trusted sources for each of the countries we operate in. This also included emergency communication channels from our cross-functional teams including HR and the C-Level as well as updated guidelines on our existing home office policy. As the situation escalated globally, we also adjusted over the weeks our approach from “home office supported” to “home office recommended”, provided our staff with a financial home office support package to purchase equipment, and further adjusted our processes.

We are, from a business perspective, in the fortunate position that our company was designed to be supported by remote workers and offices. All of our software is in the cloud including the software we use for internal communications, sales tools and the tools we use to build our software systems. Other critical software, we host internally but is available for our workforce globally. Almost every regular meeting we hold has people in attendance joining from remote, home offices or from business travel. Our product, marketing, sales, support, and human resources teams are distributed across 10 countries and 3 continents. We implemented secure VPN communication for our employees to access our systems safely from their homes as this flexibility was supporting our scalability. Our international and diverse culture – that includes over 40 nationalities – forced us to maintain strong documentation and best-in-class tooling. This now helps us to adjust fast.

As a customer or partner, you will receive the same service and support you have always received but from slightly different locations. As always, we are doing everything to ensure that you will experience no interruption in service or service levels. Our teams are in full effect and we adapt and improve daily. That includes all teams from development to infrastructure operations as well as marketing, sales, consulting services, support, and training. Be assured that we will not only support your business but will also continue to grow and enhance our offering.

From a business perspective, we know that this will be a very challenging time for many industries. As we have had years to set up and evolve our technology and culture, we know that for other companies switching to remote/home office will be difficult and sometimes even impossible. If there is anything where we can support you with our insights and learning, please reach out to our Customer Success, Partner Management, and Global Leadership Teams.

We hope that you, your colleagues, families, and friends stay healthy and we come out of this global crisis even stronger together.

Dirk Hoerig – CEO


Open letter as pdf