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Our mission is to disrupt commerce. Join us.

Business mission: We aim at disrupting the eCommerce software industry with our very own headless, API-first and cloud-native platform - created and maintained by brilliant commercetoolers.

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes salary, benefits, and a generous virtual stock option program (an agreement to issue employees with virtual shares in the company) and the opportunity to participate in the future development of the company’s enterprise value.

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commercetools Career as an Employer

Unlock your potential with us We all make a difference. We all create an invaluable future.

As an employer, we aim at establishing a strong culture with well-defined values and a dynamic knowledge-sharing environment where our people have the chance to be the best version of themselves and share their passion with others.

commercetools Career Unlock your potential

Our Guiding Stars

Drive Results

We power evolutions in commerce by driving measurable results for our people and for the world’s leading companies. We challenge the status quo through our culture of innovation. Think big, work hard, and execute on transforming the future of commerce – that’s who we are.

Cultivate Belonging

We foster positive relationships and elevate teamwork by owning both our personal impact and the impact we leave on the communities we operate in. commercetoolers share a commitment to curiosity, understanding diverse experiences and making positive impacts through inclusion. By investing in learning, development and growth opportunities, we empower all commercetoolers to take the lead in their professional growth.

Champion Customers

Through incremental innovation and thoughtful collaboration, we power our customers' ability to then translate those into revenue-generating opportunities. Ambitious by nature, commercetoolers create continuous value and go the extra mile for our customers and unlock their full potential. We prioritize the customer experience in our development, proactively addressing any challenges that arise with unwavering resilience.

Adapt Boldy

We are curious, inventive and change drivers. commercetoolers own up to our mistakes, learn from failures and, in doing so, build trust. We are committed to being bold decision-makers and transforming the future of commerce.

And how we live up to them


Our people are our biggest assets. Feel free to pick up your little rascals at 3pm or work from home when they are sick. Success at work should not get in the way of happiness outside of it.

commercetools Career Flexibility

Inclusion and belonging

How do we champion our differences? By embracing them! From the moment you enter the recruitment process, commercetools commits to giving everyone respect and an equal opportunity.

commercetools Career Inclusion

Transparent communication

Be it our “All Hands” or “Ask Me Anything” sessions with our management team, we make sure that our people know what the company is doing, where it is going, and how us employees are impacted.

commercetools Career Transparent Communication

Training and development

Investment in your own people is always a wise choice. At commercetools you are in good hands: we provide our employees with a learning budget that can be used for books, courses, and conferences along with in-house weekly language courses.

commercetools Career Training and Development

Open feedback

Instead of playing the blame game, we see constructive feedback as an enormous chance for growth. From one-on-one sessions to weekly Kudos, we embrace a growth mindset and give every commercetooler a chance to listen, speak, and be heard.

commercetools Career Feedback

Our Team What does it mean to be a commercetooler?

We are a passionate bunch of coders, marketers and thought leaders, but we are also amateur gourmet cooks, marathon enthusiasts, and stand-up comedians! At commercetools, our differences really are the fuel of our teamwork. We are bonded by a clear company vision and a well-defined value compass.

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commercetools Career Our Team
One of the things that I enjoy the most at commercetools is the culture of mentoring, knowledge sharing and existing collaboration, even among different stakeholders. The eCommerce industry could look challenging from the outside, but the team makes sure to onboard and give new colleagues all the tools to succeed.

Senior UX/UI Designer

commercetools Career Quote Senior UX Designer
What I have learned at commercetools is that it’s ok to make mistakes! My teammates are never there to judge, in fact, they are there to pick me up and help me out every time I land in trouble.

Engineering Manager

commercetools Career Quote Engineering Manager
What makes commercetools different is our people are open and generous and care about others as a human being, which is uncommon in the industry.

Customer Success Manager

commercetools Career Quote Customer Success Manager

Wisdom that Works ebook We’re never done learning

There are always lessons to learn - whether you just graduated college, just got your first job, or are CEO of a corporation. We at commercetools learn from each other every day and have compiled this knowledge in our ebook "Wisdom that Works". From experience reports and interview tips to tech related topics and commercetools insights, we would like to share our wisdom with you!

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Our Offices Stable growth around the world

An average person spends around 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. Since our people have and are trusting us with their time, we take “being a good employer” very seriously. From Berlin to London, Durham to Sydney, or remote, we offer benefit programs that aim at making the one-third of their lifetime that our employees spend at work as well as the two-third outside of work as enjoyable as possible. Check our global offices and the tailored benefit programs for each location.

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commercetools offices

⚠ Stay safe and secure!

To ensure that you are pursuing a legitimate opportunity and speaking with a verified member of our team, remember that direct communications will always be from someone with our email domain. If in doubt, we advise you to refer to our careers page.

commercetools will never ask for any form of payment or purchase as part of the recruitment process, nor will we contact you via WhatsApp messages. Any personal information should only be shared with verified members of the commercetools Talent Acquisition team.

commercetools Engineering Live Agile. Breathe Agile.

Our multiple vertical development teams at commercetools each have their own agile ceremonies, tailored to fit the teams’ needs. Autonomy and continuous development of their frameworks are always encouraged, but our Agile Coaches are there every step of the way to assist the team members in defining the best processes for themselves. However, there are certain agile elements that all the teams follow:

commercetools Career Engineering

At the start of every iteration, the team goes through the Backlog and discusses what could be delivered and how we are going to execute the work in the upcoming iteration.


The team members synchronize and communicate on a daily basis their plan for the current day.


The team continuously works on their Product Backlog and it is up to the team to add, remove, adjust and break down items depending on value, time, costs or priority shifts.


The team demonstrates their accomplishments to the stakeholders at the end of the iteration.


The team reflects in a safe environment on their collaboration and performance and takes actions to improve the next iteration.

Our Tech Stack


We are proud to be some of the early adopters of React to build all of our Frontend applications. All data needed for our applications are fetched via GraphQL and Apollo. We use both our public commercetools APIs as well as internal GraphQL APIs maintained by our teams for session management, proxying requests, and storing user settings. The building blocks of our internal APIs are Prisma, Apollo Server, and Express. We use React Testing Library and Cypress mostly to test our new and existing features.

We deploy all our applications and services into multiple Kubernetes clusters, and recently added the idea of an automatic deployment train.


Our product’s high-performing backend is written in functional Scala and has Event Sourcing as its core. This allows us to add new components, react to events, and use data in the most relevant ways. On the client-facing side, we present the best APIs, embracing CQRS and GraphQL to allow our customers to work in the most intuitive, flexible and modern ways possible.


Our product is multi-cloud: commercetools runs on Google Cloud Platform and AWS in multiple regions across the world. All services are running on various Kubernetes clusters with the help of toolings from CNCF landscape: Prometheus, Envoy (within Istio), Helm, and Fluentd. tools include Terraform, Packer as well as Vault from HashiCorp and our code repositories are maintained on GitHub. We run our CI/CD jobs on Google Cloud Builder. For in-house automation, we use Python and Golang.

Learning Scala at commercetools

You’re interested in joining commercetools to work on our API, but haven’t used Scala before? You want to start using Scala professionally, but your current employer doesn’t give you the chance?

Whatever your motivation, we happily welcome you to learn Scala while working at commercetools! We’ve done this before - some of our best Engineers started learning Scala while working with us. Listen to what our Scala Engineers are saying!

How we will support you
commercetools Career Learn Scala