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The leading composable commerce platform that arms you with the essential tools to evolve, build, and scale at your own pace.

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Our Story Change is constant and monolithic commerce platforms can't adapt. So, we did something about it.

Enterprises across industries, continents, and business models use commercetools to infinitely scale, and innovate at their own pace. We empower businesses to sustain their competitive advantages today and build long-term business value.

The future is unpredictable, but whether you’re able to adapt doesn’t have to be. That’s why we set out to power digital infrastructures that enable boundless commerce evolution. We drive your success by allowing you to technically adapt to evolving market and customer-led needs and then translate those into revenue-generating opportunities.
Dirk Hoerig

Co-founder and CEO, commercetools

Our purpose Reimagining digital commerce for the world’s leading companies

In 2012, Dirk Hoerig, co-founder of commercetools,  coined the term “headless commerce” to differentiate between monolithic all-in-one commerce suites and his radical new approach. The concept of decoupling the backend from the frontend disrupted the industry status quo and created a new standard for eCommerce.

Today, commercetools provides the leading composable commerce platform. We power commerce infrastructure-influenced competitive advantages, long-term business value, and agility for enterprises across every industry while reducing their total costs. Every day, across almost every continent, brands rely on commercetools to make faster, more meaningful connections to their customers at every touchpoint.

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Our Technology True composable commerce is the future

Business needs are outpacing the limited capabilities of monolithic commerce platforms. Brands reliant on them are vulnerable to hindered revenue growth, and consumer and market fluctuations. 

By providing a commerce platform built on true composability –– cloud-native, component-based, tech-agnostic –– commercetools is essential to brands looking to innovate at their own pace to meet the evolving needs of the business. Built on MACH® architecture, commercetools Composable Commerce helps businesses create and infinitely scale highly customized, meaningful interactions with customers in order to capture a greater share of the multi-billion-dollar digital commerce market.

commercetools Composable Commerce Solution

We are…

... a global team

We are a diverse, global community of disruptors, thinkers, builders, and evangelists working together to help businesses embrace innovation and thrive.

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... where you need us to be

commercetools is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has offices across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and China. Our team, customers, and partner network span nearly every corner of the globe.

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… industry leaders

We are repeatedly recognized as an industry leader by top analyst firms including Gartner, Forrester and IDC. The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites 2022 recognized us for having “a clear and innovative digital strategy enabled by a cloud-native technology strategy and an unapologetically modern development team."

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… commerce pioneers

We pioneered MACH® architecture to deliver a foundation for agility, flexibility, and lower total cost helping brands achieve e infinite commerce possibilities.

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… thought leaders

We are passionate about agile solutions and love to share our vision, insights, and inspiration. You’ll find us in the news, on your social media feeds, and on stage at industry-leading tech and commerce conferences across the globe, including Shoptalk in the US and K5 in Germany.

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Our Founders

CEO & Co-Founder Dirk Hoerig

Co-founder and CEO of commercetools. Founder of the headless commerce concept. Pioneer of cloud software in the enterprise market. Dad to three little rockers. Beach volleyball player, passionate mountain biker, and wannabe surfer.

Dirk Hoerig Headshot

COO & Co-Founder Denis Werner

Co-Founder and Managing Director of commercetools. Disruptor of the digital commerce industry. Master of digital solutions and data security. Legal backbone of commercetools. Dirk's beach volleyball counterpart.

Denis Werner Headshot

Our Leadership Team

Global Chief Revenue Officer Bruno Teuber

Global Chief Revenue Officer at commercetools. 25-year track record of technology sales and go-to-market leadership, and economics, business and engineering expertise. Advisor and manager of several start-ups. Proponent of profitability, positivity and emojis.

Bruno Teuber Headshot

Chief Financial Officer Dan Murphy

Chief Financial Officer at commercetools. Two decades of experience in driving the financial growth and success of technology companies. Finely honed expertise in both scaling businesses globally and building LEGO® masterpieces. Empty nester and avid skier.

Dan Murphy

Chief Technology Officer Hajo Eichler

Chief Technology Officer at commercetools. Champion of the  "tech is a people business" mindset. Passion for quality, automation and security in software development. Stop the rain in any cloud. Empowers tech talent to deliver great SaaS products. Father of three boys. Saltwater swallowing kite surfer.

Hajo Eichler Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer Jen Jones

Chief Marketing Officer at commercetools. Global brand, marketing, and corporate communications visionary. Go-to sage with a wealth of knowledge from years of experience making technology marketable. Mother to four kids, two dogs, a parrot and a horse. Often heard saying, "Throw your hat over the wall...then go get your hat."

Jen Jones Headshot

Chief Strategy Officer Kelly Goetsch

Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools. Technology guru, author of four O’Reilly books, owner of three patents, and co-founder plus chairman of the MACH® Alliance. Dedicated to promoting MACH® architecture as the foundation for the future. Father of two, husband and fitness junkie.

Kelly Goetsch Headshot

General Counsel Liesl Asaa

General Counsel for commercetools. Whip-smart global legal and compliance expert. Oversees all corporate governance, compliance practices and strategic business transactions to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Approachable lawyer and empathetic leader with a roll-up-her-sleeves attitude. Wine connoisseur and puzzle expert. 

Liesl Asaa

Chief Product Officer Mike Sharp

Chief Product Officer at commercetools. Believer in and builder of whole product experiences and world-class product teams — strategically envisioning what people want to use and will rush to buy. Absolutely loves a challenge. Sings tenor in community choir. Co-chair in loving, teaching, having fun with and managing five awesome children with his amazing wife/best friend.

Mike Sharp Headshot

Chief People Officer Roxana Dobrescu

Talent spotter, change agent and problem solver. Dedicated to providing the tools and opportunities to help individuals make a mark and continuously grow. Boys mom. Basketball player. Lover of travel, all things furry (dogs & anthropomorphic animal characters) and rugby.

Senior Vice President of Finance Tobias Muckel

Senior Vice President of Finance at commercetools. Maximizer of profits. Financial planning, cash flow, investment and accounting wizard. Benevolent lord of budgets. Global traveler. Skier, tennis player, mountaineer and keeper upper with two active little girls.

Tobias Muckel Headshot

For media and investor related inquiries, please contact Kemba Neptune, Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Kemba Neptune

Senior Director, Communications

Kemba Neptune Headshot

Our Team

Tech Gender Data / Women in Tech

We are more than 600 (and counting) coders, marketers, and thought leaders. Representing more than 50 nationalities, we share a passion for enabling our customers to succeed and helping our colleagues excel.

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Strength in Diversity

We embrace diversity and encourage unique perspectives. We seek out intelligent, curious, passionate individuals – and have found them in all corners of the earth.

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Join the movers and makers of digital commerce

We are a passionate crew of technologists, empathists, deep thinkers, and innovators –– and we have fun too! At commercetools, we believe in unlocking possibilities and encourage you to reach your full potential. 

Learn about our open roles, and how you can make a difference with us.

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