“Innovation does not think in gadgets, but in solutions.”

Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom AG

Depict Complex Product Structures

Products in the telecommunications industry are complex: Selling a variety of smartphones with individual rates from different providers requires the highest level of data modeling and flexibility of the underlying system. The dealer who can react fastest to market changes and pass on new offers to his customers ahead of the competition has the advantage.

Digital Shopping Advisor

Sophisticated products require simple presentation and filterability so that customers can easily compare rates and plans. For this purpose, the software used must map individual user interfaces and configurators, so that customers can quickly find the optimal offer.

Support the Sales Staff

Customers do not just select their smartphones, tablets, etc. online, but they also visit the local retailers to try the latest models, to develop a feel for them and to gather professional opinions. The in-store sales staff needs digital support to put together the best possible price packages and their unique features for their customers.