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“The integration between commercetools and Adobe Experience Cloud will enable brands to quickly and easily deliver excellent omnichannel experiences to their customers.” – Martin Buergi, Product Manager AEM Commerce, Adobe

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Manager lets you create and manage rich experiences for digital sites, native apps, and in-store displays. You can author experiences that dynamically configure themselves to the form factor and requirements of all touch points: Offsite Digital Properties, CEX and Associate Apps, Smart Screens, IOT.

commercetools Platform

commercetools is the commerce platform for the post web era. We empower digital innovators to test new channels and deploy commerce capability on any new device or touchpoint. We give digital marketers the flexibility to make every moment shoppable. We help IT gain agility and speed to meet the needs of the business.

Adobe and commercetools:
The World’s Most Advanced Experience Driven Commerce Solution

commercetools Integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe and commercetools bring together engagement and insight with the world’s most agile commerce platform to deliver superior commerce experiences on every touchpoint. commercetools is now integrated with Adobe’s commerce microservices capabilities on Adobe Marketing Cloud products including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Target.

→ ZERO deployment cost → FASTEST time-to-market in comparison to all competitors → EASY to customize → Unparalleled AGILITY

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Financial Benefit

Maximizes Adobe Experience Manager Investment
Integrated into all versions of Adobe Experience Manager

Combined with attractive TCO of the commercetools platform
No upfront license fees
Pay only for what you use
No hidden upgrade fees
No more paying for duplicate functionality

Financial Benefit of the Adobe Integration

Retail Leadership in the Post Web Era

Build and manage innovative omnichannel commerce experiences
Today’s digital marketers now have the tools they need to address the proliferation of touchpoints across the entire customer journey. New channel? No problem. New IoT or mobile device? Not an issue with the combination of commercetools modern architecture and Adobe Experience Cloud.

Commerce at the Speed of Wow – inject commerce on new touchpoints in a snap
The integration of our headless, cloud-native, commerce platform with Adobe Marketing Cloud allows for fast roll-outs and accelerated testing of commerce on new channels.

Agility – to continuously test, refine and optimize marketing strategies
The commercetools pioneering approach of utilizing a microservices style architecture enables continuous innovation and optimization for enterprise-class retailers and brands.

Adobe Integration Info Sheet

Adobe Integration Info Sheet

The Most Agile Way to Make Every Moment Shoppable


Feature Guide

commercetools' Feature Guide

What’s in the box? – Download our comprehensive feature guide.