Unified Cart

Generate revenue by having various touchpoints, save time by managing it all from one place

commercetools Features Unified Cart

Main benefit of unified cart Get an efficient bird’s eye view of the checkout process

Unified cart lets you easily manage everything — from pricing to shipping and from currencies to discounts — on the commercetools platform. This way, you can set up different stores, with consistent cart and order behavior across the board.

commercetools Features Unified Cart Main Benefit
Carts and customers
Get your customers moving towards checking out

Carts allow you to work with locale-based pricing, discount rules, guest purchases, and more.

Orders and more
Sync, manage and streamline orders

Get an overview of incoming orders and how they interact with your various backends for order management.

Tax handling
Complex taxation rules made easy

Set up the pricing of your products for success using extensive tax settings that support international requirements.

Manage subscriptions
Enable recurring purchases to generate steady revenue flow

You can set up subscription-based purchases and incorporate reordering as part of the cart experience.

Discount handling
Set up promotions and discount rules

Create conditions and criteria for how discounts work and what your customers need to do to qualify for them.

Shopping lists
Let your customers create public and private wishlists

Drive additional engagement and sales potential with the ability to define shopping lists for your products.

Cart management What is possible with a unified cart?

Create a cohesive checkout experience

Checkout is a critical stage of the buying process and commercetools unified cart gives you control in setting up your business for success during the sale and in after sales. Granular control over every detail lets you bring comprehensive and accurate ordering, pricing, and discount data to the table.

commercetools Features Unified Cart Checkout Experience

Powerful discount handling for all channels

The highly configurable discount functionality allows you to handle even the most complicated or comprehensive sales with relative ease. Create discounts that work across the board, for specific sales channels, or even for individual customers — the choice is yours.

commercetools Features Unified Cart Discount Handling

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