Catalog Management

Manage products, product types, and variants as well as being able to handle complex configurations in dedicated views, simplifying the business’ complexity to your customers.

commercetools Features Catalog Management

Easily work with catalog data Handle complex product data efficiently

The integrated Product Information Management (PIM) enables you to access all product data — while its versatile interface helps to handle even complex catalogs with just a few clicks.

Products Types & Attributes
Define your own product types and attributes

Add your products, with flexible data types, multiple languages, and image management. Make the data import/ export process simple using existing data storage and configurations.

Product Variants
Structure and configure products your way

Add attributes, categories, and custom fields to construct a catalog that works for you and your customers. Create links between entities through referencing, store product data in multi-language setup, and define and manage product variants to deliver better overall user experience.

Image Management
Control the impact of your imagery

Organize, centralize, and distribute product imagery, audio, and video throughout your commerce experience. Further enrich your image catalog by including granular content for specific product types and attributes.

Search, Filter & Sort
Advanced search, filter and sorting functionalities

Customize the views. Apply save search, filter, and sorting options. Get the flexibility of narrowing your search to specific parts of the product data to further avoid noise OR and enhance accuracy of results.

Work with how products are classified

Streamline product management with the ability to add any number of categories, category levels, and product-to-category relations, and easily filter them.

Effortlessly maintain products and stores across the globe

Make it easy for customers to make purchases using commercetools powerful pricing engine that quickly delivers accurate pricing based on currency, country, channels, and more.

Attributes around what you sell What’s possible with the catalog management feature?

Manage all your products from one place

The Product Information Management system (PIM) within our Merchant Center simplifies the creation and management of product information via an intuitive yet versatile user interface. Our APIs retrieve the info input into our platform whenever it’s needed.

commercetools Features Catalog Management Product Information Management system

Great pricing abilities for all channels

Our pricing engine supports tiered and country-specific pricing, plus unlimited currencies, including custom currencies (for stores that price products in terms of reward points, for example) and high precision pricing with small digit denominators.

commercetools Features Catalog Management Pricing Engine

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