“To travel is to live.”

Hans Christian Andersen

The Vacation before the Vacation

The customer journey for travelers winds through many channels. Facebook, Instagram, etc. inspire adventure-seekers. They search for offers on mobile devices and book the individual components. In the travel app, the ticket, boarding pass, and confirmation are sent directly to the smartphone. But that’s nowhere near the end of the customer journey. Many travel components are booked on site, spontaneously, according to taste. Personalization is the travelers best concierge.

Travel Buddies – the Digital Travel Companion

Arrived. Really? The plane lands, the train rolls into the station, the bus stops – for many, however, the trip starts right now. Our smartphone or tablet are our constant companions: Admission tickets, regular tickets, hotel and Airbnb reservations. All of these are booked and sent digitally to mobile phones. Travel industry retailers must be as mobile as their travelers, or they’ll get left behind.

Smart Vacations with Big Data

When traveling with the family, there used to be a lot of planning involved. Today, the smart way leads the family to the beach using big data. Targeted analyses provide customized offers. You wander through a hotel looking through virtual reality glasses before booking; a smartphone app helps you pack your suitcases. And the best thing: There is no need for large folders full of travel documents.