Audi customer story
Audi Customer Story

How Audi integrated in-car commerce and rolled it out to 26 countries.

Customer Possibility Story of how Audi built a scalable, global commerce infrastructure and integrated in-car commerce
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Audi is a German manufacturer that designs, engineers and distributes luxury cars. As a member of the Volkswagen Group, AUDI AG represents sporty vehicles, high build quality and progressive design.
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The Challenge

To have the flexibility to respond to changing customer requirements, Audi needed to replace their traditional, bureaucratic corporate mentality with a new agile mindset. Additionally, they were in a position where their technical capabilities simply could not keep up with their business requirements for global commerce strategies. They also had limited control over their global network of dealerships and subsidiaries, which were spread across hundreds of systems. 

It was clear that Audi's next-gen electric cars needed the most  modern in-car commerce functionality to match.

The Audi commerce platform has been built with 3 core values in its DNA: speed, adaptiveness and effectiveness. With commercetools as the backbone for our platform, we were able to build a scalable, global commerce infrastructure aligned with our values. As a result, we can now leverage new eCommerce business models at Audi in only a few weeks.
Matthes Kohndrow

Product Owner Digital Business, AUDI AG

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The Solution

The Audi product information management (PIM) now sits on the commercetools commerce platform and is used to maintain information, such as prices, translations of product text, and functions and services, that benefit dealers and customers. Product data is stored and managed via a central data maintenance system that is location-independent. Output channels such as websites, web shops or points of sale are connected as standard.

Why it was a success

By utilizing the commercetools software, Audi customers can buy and activate new functions in their car via their myAudi app.  On-demand capabilities of the new digital functions launched in Germany before being rolled out to other European markets.

Audi's new scalable, global commerce infrastructure is aligned with their values and allows them to leverage new business models in only a few weeks

commercetools features for Audi


Allows customers to purchase car upgrades and additional features via an app or in-car settings.

Commerce in the Cloud

Makes real-time over-the-air updates to millions of cars and mobile devices around the world possible.

100% Headless

Decoupling the backend supports integration with a mixture of specialized services and in-house development.

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