Volkswagen customer story
Volkswagen Group Customer Story

How Volkswagen Group is redefining centralized commerce across their multiple brands, markets and channels.

Customer Possibility Story of how Volkswagen Group implemented a group-wide solution that enables customer contact across all touchpoints
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Based in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, The Volkswagen Corporation is one of the leading German automotive manufacturers. The corporation operates as the parent company of the Volkswagen passenger cars brand and its subsidiaries include Seat, Škoda Auto and Audi, as well as the luxury brands Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati (motorcycles), Lamborghini and Porsche.
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The Challenge

To launch a centralized eCommerce solution for the Volkswagen Group, the company needed a solid cloud-based foundation that could deliver commerce functionality and online channels for the first time.

We support our group brands in setting up online stores where customers can easily and conveniently browse and buy from the Volkswagen Group’s large product range. A central eCommerce platform is an important component of the brands’ digitization strategy. We are therefore establishing an attractive, additional sales channel for the group brands, importers and dealers.
Christoph F. Möller

Head of Digital Commerce, Cariad

The Solution

The new solution from commercetools allows customers to purchase everything from vehicles to hubcaps and digital services from any Volkswagen-owned brand, including Seat, Audi, Bentley and Porsche.

The group-wide solution enables customer contact across all touchpoints, from traditional brand websites and mobile devices to the vehicles themselves. The first solutions based on the platform are already available in Germany, including the sale of stock vehicles of Audi dealers and online order requests for the new ID.3 electric car from Volkswagen.

Why it was a success

Thanks to flexible, composable microservices from commercetools, digital strategies can be implemented just as easily as short-term push offers and promotions. The more agile the microservices are, the better the experience for the buyer. In addition, pairing commercetools with AWS cloud technology improved the company’s ability to quickly make changes. Volkswagen only needs to add a new product data once and the solution automatically updates the site across all channels, making it easy for customers to make purchases however they like. 

Last update, January 2023

Volkswagen's group-wide digital commerce solution enables customer contact across all touchpoints

commercetools features for Volkswagen

PIM (Product Information Management)

Inventory, pricing and promotions are updated in real-time across all sales channels.


Online, in-store, service centres and thousands of sales channels digitized around the world.


Low-cost trials of new revenue streams via newly branded storefronts such as electric car chargers.

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