webinar customization in commercetools with subscriptions webhooks api extensions
Webinar On-Demand

How to customize your digital commerce with the basic functionalities of the commercetools platform API.

by commercetools

About the Video On-Demand

The commercetools platform API has built-in business logic without the need to engineer additional functionality.  Watch the video of our webinar with our Lead Developer, Christoph Neijenhuis, who will walk you through the basic functionality of:

Subscriptions – What are they and how to react to events like events created or product published.

Message Queues – What are the advantages of Message Queues and how to implement webhooks with them.

API Extensions – Changing API calls on the fly, which is commonly done for calculating prices on a cart or preventing an incomplete product to be published.

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About the Speakers

commercetools speaker image Dirk Weckerlei
Dirk Weckerlei
VP Business Development China/Japan, commercetools

Dirk is responsible for looking after existing partners as well as expanding indirect sales. He is also responsible for business development with partners.

commercetools speaker image Christoph Neijenhuis
Christoph Neijenhuis
Director of Tech Leadership, commercetools

Christoph has worked on the /me endpoints for Mobile and SPA apps, Subscriptions and Payments, and helped with the iOS SDK and app.

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