white paper two paths forward for a digital commerce transformation
White Paper

Two Paths Forward for a Digital Commerce Transformation

by Enginiety and commercetools

white paper two paths forward for a digital commerce transformation

About the White Paper

Transition to modern Composable Commerce

Composable commerce is the modern way of building complex enterprise commerce systems. It draws from over 20 years of experience in creating and running commerce suites - large, one-fits-all monolithic software products which have increasingly proved unable to match the high level of modern-day customer expectations.

It breaks with the limitations of legacy platforms by introducing a new architectural approach where a system is not based upon just one feature-rich product that has the unattainable ambition of fulfilling all needs of all customers. Instead, it provides organizations with the freedom to build their own unique platforms by selecting ready-to-use components, integrating them in a lightweight manner and complementing with their unique functionality.

Choose your path forward - decomposition vs re-composition

In this second part of “Breaking up the Monolith” series we discuss the way from a monolithic commerce suite to a composable commerce system – an architectural transformation. Due to the vast reach of the monolith in the organization this task is not trivial but, as experience of many organizations shows, it is absolutely feasible.

We used two companies as an example - Chronext and TUI - who went disparate ways in their transformations as they accounted for their particular business specifics and individual tech status.

Learn more about how Modern Commerce evolved, from Monolith to Composable Commerce, in the first part of this White Paper series


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