Recently, our very own  Chris McCann sat down with Darren Johnson of BloomReach DXP and JM Guthrie of award-winning digital agency Authentic to talk about a best-of-breed solution for building next-generation commerce.

The key takeaways were that organizations need to move fast and have a nimble architecture. According to Darren, the real value proposition out of the buzzwords in today’s market like microservices, API-first, and headless is velocity.

“We can move faster. Faster time to value, faster time to live, faster time to scale…. I think we’re starting to prove out the value of the promise of the new platforms.” – Darren Johnson

Speed and agility were not the only characteristics identified as key drivers of success for organizations today. JM Guthrie of Authentic pointed out that headless commerce software delivers even more benefits, like the freedom to experiment (not having to be held together by a template), no downtime, and the ability to innovate. JM said Authentic is able to offer their customers the opportunity to invest in smart, trending technology like microservices and APIs, and to use commerce anywhere – in a vehicle, on a website, through VR, etc. Even better, they do it SUPER FAST.

To learn more about this best-of-breed solution – built for the true innovators and visionaries of the retail world – check out the full conversation below.

Watch the full chat below or click here.