beets&roots was founded in 2016 by Max Kochen, a business-savvy entrepreneur, and Andreas Tuffentsammer, a Michelin star chef, who made it their mission to fill the gap in freshly prepared, health-conscious foods around Germany. In 2019 Dr. Nitin Maslekar started as a CTO. Now with 4 locations across Berlin and Hamburg, the healthy restaurant chain is embracing commerce technology to offer menus, catering, and delivery services both online and in-store.

beets&roots is a non-traditional eCommerce business in that their core product is food, which is very subjective to customers. As a result, they face a unique challenge, which is to deliver product customization without slowing down the customer experience. The solution: flexibility.

When beets&roots decided to integrate tech as one of their core DNA’s, it was clear that what they really wanted was to be an API-first tech organization. After they researched several different eCommerce solutions to try and find one that matched their vision, all signs pointed to commercetools. A few of the key components that helped them make up their mind was that commercetools is an API-first solution with easy integrations, and no limitations on a specific programming language. After only 4 months since beets&roots and commercetools embarked on this digital journey together, the Website went live on November 2019.

“The commercetools platform allows us to answer the needs of our online customers without compromising on the quality of online experience.” – Dr. Nitin Maslekar, former CTO beets&roots GmbH

By 2020 there will be ten more beets&roots branches in Germany. The catering and delivery services, in addition to menus in their restaurants, will be digitized using in-house development with commercetools.

Take a look at beets&roots’ website for more information about this healthy restaurant chain, and check out our list of clients for further insights on how our platform is changing the world of eCommerce.